[Journal] The Great Memories of the Year in 2018

by - Monday, December 31, 2018

Just left a few hours, before we say goodbye to the year 2018 and wish great welcome to the year 2019. In some hard situation, I feel the time is moving slowly but when on the last day of 2018, I feel the time is moving faster too. Again… The year 2018 is a tough year for me to adapt my life without my lovely dad since my lovely dad was passing away in 2016. Slowly time was making me learn new things and healing my heart too. 

I admit that my stress was giving a big impact on my health. I know my mom, family and close friends was worried about that, especially they know about the result of my medical check-up is not really well since 2016 and 2017. In mid-December 2018, I do the regular medical check-up by the sponsor of the company I worked with now and my medical result was unexpected. I was feeling happy and grateful after looking at my medical result. It turns very well. Most of my colleagues are asking me, what was I ate to get the great result. To be honest, I don't know what was I ate. I really don't remember. 

Maybe around mid of 2018, I'm slowly changing my unhealthy lifestyle to the healthy lifestyle routine. I think I should continue to do what's I did for my healthy lifestyle. At the same time, I also try to the minimum the stress and relax as much as I can. Just to be positive and happy. The year of 2018 I have been thru many things that I never been imagined before this. Let's me throwback some of the memories…

On January 2018, I have two wonderful events; which are the Happy 6 Years Blog Anniversary and also my birthday month. I would like to say thank you for who are always support me until today. I'm appreciating it so much. I don't know how to describe it in the words. It does also the second year I was celebrating my birthday without my father. I also continuing update about my trip to Korea in November 2017 since it has not finished yet. 

On March 2018, I shared about my moods in March 2018. At that moments, I feeling grateful what's I was received after I threw the hard moments, especially in the office. Actually, the ‘crazy guy' that always gives me the hard time. Sometimes, my work's stress is not really hard rather than me to face him. 

On April 2018, I just finished unpacking my luggage after back from Korea on last November 2018. Then, I have been share about the Korea shopping haul – what's did I spend along my trip to Korea. Before I forget, I was back from my holiday in Singapore with my mom and sister – just 2 days 1 night. I do also about what I did to spend time ‘alone' on weekend at home

On May 2018, I get the chance to go to the International Books Fair in Kuala Lumpur with my mom and then, I spend of money a little bit to some books I look interesting to me. I do finish read the poetry book of 모두가 네 탓 which is written by Lee Jongsuk. I also ready to study back Korean language by myself when I got free time. Just to refresh my memories about all the lessons I have been studied before this. 

On June 2018, I do share some experience with K-skincare products that I have been trying it. All of them is my honest review about it and all not have been the sponsor at all. On this month, I decided to change my lifestyle to a healthy lifestyle routine. I try slowly changing a little bit and I keep myself practices to become new healthy habits for me. 

On July 2018, I keep sharing the new K-Beauty products that I have been trying it before this and I do the honest review about it.

In August 2018, I take a short holiday with my family. We're going the road trip to the Penang, Malaysia. Lucky, I got the hotel voucher at Penang, Malaysia during the company annual dinner event. At the same this, I still share the new K-Beauty products that I have been trying it before this and I do the honest review about it.

On September and October 2018, I do share the new K-Beauty products that I have been trying it before this and I do the honest review about it.

On November 2018, I just get time to update the post about my first time holiday to Sydney and Melbourne, Australia with my mom and sister on mid-September 2018. It is such as the wonderful memories to me. I was feeling happy and grateful when one of my wish lists has come true. I also share the extra tips to tourist before going to Australia and this tip is special to Malaysian tourists. 

On December 2018, I updated new post about my fourth time holiday to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. This trip is just for 4 days 3 nights and this trip on October 2018. As like always, this trip just for shopping ‘baju raya' with my family. I also do share the new K-Beauty products that I have been trying it before this and I do the honest review about it.

There are some stories throughout the year 2018. Some of it is wonderful memories and some of it is painful memories to me but I know my life's stories do not stop yet. I still have a lot of things to do on my bucking list. Although this, I hope the future bright and more positive vibes in the year 2019. I also would like to wish "Happy New Year" to all of you and always be happy. 

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