[Travel] The Way to Planning Holiday at Big Bang G-Dragon’s Dolce Vita Hotel.

by - Friday, May 17, 2013

For sure, all people around the world already knew about the news that Kwon Jiyong or more popular name as know as G-Dragon, purchases a luxuries pension (Guest House) at Pocheon, Gyeonggi-do, Korea, for his parents last year. G-Dragon really a good son, that buying the great pension for his parents as a gift, after big successful the Big Bang Album “Alive” and “Still Alive” include the world tour concert of Big Bang Alive, that already the end in early month of this year at Seoul, Korea.

According to G-Dragon’s father, Kwon Young Hwan in his interview with Sports Seoul – G-Dragon spend a lot of money to build this place. It is cost around 1 billion KRW (approximately $ 930,000 USD).

G-Dragon’s father is run the hotel and currently lives on the premises with G-Dragon’s dog, Gaho.

The room called “Crayon” is a room specifically for G-Dragon and this room only for G-Dragon, because they will not to take any reservation for the “Crayon” room from public. This room’s names from the song that G-Dragon wrote in his latest solo Album “One of a Kind” and decoration of this room is make by G-Dragon his self.

Actually, last year around 5th December, 2012 – G-Dragon’s father officially open this place to public, especially for Big Bang fans as know as VIP, which want to visited and stayed overnight at Dolce Vita Hotel. The Dolce Vita Hotel has 11 rooms include the “Crayon” room that only for G-Dragon. The room’s names from Big Bang’s songs that G-Dragon wrote – which is, VIP, Café, Heaven, Haru, Blue, Tonight, Love Dust, Love Song, This Love, and Butterfly. 

Presumably in order to minimize liability, and keep things from becoming too crazy, G-Dragon’s father said in an interview with Enews, that the hotel will not be receiving guests under the age of 19. Even though, they come with their parents.
(P/S: They will check the guest’s passport or identity card for double confirm the age of guest.)

The most expensive room is VIP, which the rate is 500,000 KRW or 460 USD per night, that is rate for Saturday night. The cheaper rooms are Butterfly and This Love, which the rate is around 200,000 KRW or 184 USD per night, that is rate for Sunday night to Thursday night. Actually, the rates of the room are different based on Sunday to Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. But I not sure, the rooms rate on public holiday or school holiday. Maybe the room rate will be a little bit different.

For international VIP, don’t to worried for whose want to go this Dolce Vita Hotel because the below picture is the way how to go Dolce Vita Hotel. In that picture, there is having 4 ways to go Dolce Vita Hotel, which is from Incheon Airport, Gimpo Airport, Seoul Subway, or Dong Seoul Bus Terminal. 

When you’re arrived at ILDONG Bus Terminal, wait at LOTTERIA, and call to the Dolce Vite Hotel  (Tel: +82 010 8384 8180). Then wait for 10 minutes. They'll come to pick you up (no charges). Actually, my friend told me that the person picks up you at LOTTERIA – maybe G-Dragon’s father. 

Here, the information for booking the Dolce Vita Hotel:

Tel: +82 010 8384 8180
Address: 2-25 Gisan-ri Ildong-myeon, Pocheon, Gyeonggi Province, Korea.

How to reserve a stay there.

 Go to their website, Dolce Vita Pension follow the steps given :

How to manage or check your booking:

Before I forget – My friend told me, that they pretty straight for some situation. 

Once, you already make booking for the room with the confirm date, you can’t change it with other date.  They don't allow it. Maybe some of you know that YG Family’s member will come on another date that petty close with your date. 

Maybe you're planning to stay one room for 3 persons, which that the room is capacity for 2 persons – they don’t allow to do that, because they will check it. All the room is for 1 person until 4 persons but only VIP room is capacity for 4 persons. Most of the room is for 2 persons. 

Try your best to meet G-Dragon at Dolce Vita Resort… All the best…

I and my friend make planning to stay only one night at Dolce Vite Hotel, next year. Maybe around season summer or autumn, because this year I already go South Korea in spring season but I feel winter season too at Gwangju-do Province, Korea (Seungri Hometown). That why, I want to try other season when I go South Korea again.. Hope we will meet G-Dragon at Dolce Vita Hotel, which is the same date with our holiday… hihihi

Location of among the rooms at Dolce Vita Pension

Take Note!!!
Now, the official website of Dolce Vita Pension G-Dragon already change!!

Here, the new link of the Dolce Bita Pension G-Dragon: http://www.dolcebita.co.kr/

The step to make booking is almost same like before but now their already open the Foreigner Receipt of Money account; it's for foreigner guest to make the payment.

Here, I update the latest room's price at Dolce Vita:

OMG!!!! Now, their open for make reservation of Crayon Room as know G-Dragon's room before this. The price of this room is KRW 700, 000 per night for Sunday until Thursday only. Visit their website for more information. This room is most expensive among other rooms to me but I want to stay in this room because of G-Dragon... Hahaha
I think G-Dragon already make me crazy like his song "Crayon". 

Enjoy Your Holiday at G-Dragon Dolce Vita Pension!!!

Hey, everyone.. This year in 2014, I was been holiday at Dolve Vita. If you like to know my experience at Dolce Vita Pension, just click the link as below. 

Enjoy you reading...

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