[Lifestyle] Study Korean Back by Myself

by - Wednesday, May 30, 2018

On last a few years ago, I have been taking a class to study the Korean language in beginner level but I'm really busy doing my actual work and I can't manage the time between works and study. Because of that, I decide to stop continue taking a class to study the Korean language. 

One thing in my life that I can't stop to do that is I can't stop thinking about planning my trip to going back my second hometown; which South Korea. Yes. Recently just on last November 2017, I have been going back to Korea with my family for 2 weeks trip. We recover many locations that we not yet been there before in part of Seoul, Gangwon, Gyeonggi, and Jeju Island. As normally, this trip as free and easy; so I very good to manage everything about this trip by myself, including the complete itinerary too. 

Something funny happened during the trip to Korea on last November 2017. I know most of my fashion style is pretty close to the Korean Fashion Style; even I'm a free hair person if to compare with my mom and sister during the trip. Maybe on that reasons, some Korean people talk with me in the Korean language for asking me about the direction and also the station name while we're on the train. I'm surprised at that moment when I can answer well of all about they asked me in the Korean language. Sometimes, I have asked some direction in the Korean language to Korean people when I'm lost in the unfamiliar place. My mom and sister felling proud walking with me, especially I can translate what's they talk around us. Maybe because of that reasons, I feel that I have to study the Korean language back by myself. 

How do I study the Korean language by myself?
  1. I am looking back on my previous Korean Language Class's notes. I will make the revise of the beginner level Korean language, so I can see the picture of what's I'm studying by chapter and it also makes me easy understand the flows. I'm pretty sure; I forget many things about that. 
  2. I also study thru the new Korean language textbook that I bought before; for example of the Korean language textbook are The Korean Verbs Guide Vol. 1 & 2, and the Korean Grammar in Use, Beginner to the Early Intermediate textbook. Normally, I will write a new note based on what's I understand what I study thru these textbooks. I also will write the different notes of each textbook with colorful pens for the easy way I can remember. This kind of method, I already practice since I study in High School. 
  3. Before I forget, I was found a one of useful online Korean Study video on YouTube under name of seemile. So far, I like to study Korean thru these videos because they are great giving the explanation of each topic. If you're interested, just visit their YouTube and subscribe their channel too.  
  4. Since I have many of Korean books in my books collection, so I do reading these Korean books when I've free time. Sometimes, I also keep a small notebook together with the Korean book that I currently reading for easy me writing the new vocabulary with the translation. In the same time, I learned many new words when I reading a Korean book. So far, I not yet finish ready any the Korean books in my book collection. *laugh*
  5. Sometimes, I also keep writing new notes or new vocabulary from the random stuff like when I saw in the Pinterest, K-Pop songs lyrics, and also Korean quotes. To be honest, its have many things about Korean language note on Pinterest. So I do love to save the entire new interesting Korean note in my Pinterest account category, then I will write back about that in my iPad Pro Notes. So I'm easy to add on the new things about any related of that without feeling to worry the space in the Notes because I can easily adjust the space on anytime I like with different chapters and category.
  6. The last part of it, I do love to study the Korean language by listening to the instrument Piano of K-Pop songs. This method is effective to me for easy to remember what's I study and also it's made fast to me understand what's I study about, especially thru the Korean language textbook.
That's all the method I would like to share about how's I study the Korean language back by myself. I hope it's will be useful to anyone who has interest to study the Korean language by yourself, since some of you are busy with your routine activate or works like me. 

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