[Journal] #Moods on March 2018

by - Saturday, March 31, 2018

What do I want to share the stories in this post? Hmm… 

Maybe I should start with the most powerful words, which is ‘Grateful'. In the first place, I feel so grateful for all my efforts of hard work are look like its payoff to me. Recently, I got a nice increment salary and also the bonus in early of this year. It's not like I got a big salary but I feel it's enough for me in monthly expenses basis; and at the same time, I can manage to make a saving for my next trips too. That makes me feel so thankful and grateful for all of this. 

Even I have to face a ‘crazy guy' in my office on weekdays, which is from Monday until Friday. I call his ‘crazy' because he always has to feel revenge to me. At the same time, he always willing to find a little mistake what's I'm doing and tries to complaints it to the management by email; even it's just a small matter for the management to think and care about it. 

Every time I got a memo email about his complaint to the management, I just smile during a time I read about it. Lucky, my head department is on my side so she gives an advice to me for me keep calm down and just doing my work. She will handle it and care about it for me. I take her advice and I also act like I don't care about it at all. I think the reason that he keeps doing that because he wants me to get fired or make me take the step to resign. At the same time, he can hide his faults from the management by point it to me. 

Sometimes, he makes me feel so stress but not even me got stress but my entire department is got stress because of him. All of them know about his attitude and they try the best to handle it as professional. I just let them do their jobs and I also just doing my jobs as well as I could. 

I admit it, I been thru many of hard times in most of the times until my body can't hold it well. Just after I'm finish update the entire stories about Trend Korea Trip on November 2017 in my blog on last February, I feel like I always got the sick start on of February until today. Its look like my sick is ‘on and off' on every time. Maybe I should start planning my next trip to release my stress as soon as possible. 

Mid-March 2018, my company joined the MATTA Fair 2018 Event at PWTC for 3 days, start on 16 March 2018 until 18 March 2018. I'm working there as an accounts staff for 2 days, which is starting on 16 March 2018 until 17 March 2018. But sometimes, I need to help the sales staffs when there are busy to explain about the Japan Pass to the customers. I do have been travel to Japan before this, but I still confused about all the Japan Pass for tourist. Japan has a lot of pass for tourist so you need the double check before you buy any kinds of the pass. It's because sometimes you don't need to use some of the passes in some locations. 

Then, end of March my company holds the Annual Dinner 2018 and also the Farewell Party for one of Japanese Staff in Kuala Lumpur branch office, who is ready to say goodbye to all staffs and she will be going back to Japan. I'm going to miss her. Maybe I can meet her in Japan during my next trip to Japan soon. Normally during the Annual Dinner, all the staffs will get a gift from the hotel as a gift from the company for your work hard. This year, I got the lucky gift – 3 days 2 nights stay in the Junior Suite Tower at Copthorne Orchid Hotel, Penang. 

At last, I want to share about my birthday's gifts on this year. I'm late to decide what's I want for my birthday until I decide that I want an Apple iPad Pro 10.5 inch with Pink Rose (256 GB) together with Apple Pencil and Apple Keyboard from my mom. On last year, I got a Fujifilm X-T10 camera and this year I got an Apple's product from my mom. I'm truly happy of this gift from my mom.

Before this, I have an Apple iPad Air (16 GB) but the iPad Storage is quite small to me. It's quite difficult to me for an update some application on this iPad. Then, I decided to not using it for doing my works anymore. Nowadays, I do have use a lot of MacBook Air 13 inch and Acer Notebook for my works, especially blogging. 

But I'm facing the difficult situation during traveling to bring a lot of kinds of stuff. That why I decided to buy a new Apple iPad Pro 10.5 inch with Pink Rose (256 GB). I like to carry the iPad during traveling because it's not heavy at all, so I can easily check my email and write ideas for my blog. At the same time, I would like to study my Korean language by using this iPad Pro. 

So far, that's all my moods (up and down) along of these three months for me to share. Sometimes, I feel my life is like a roller coaster with mix emotion. I'm trying my best to handle my life for the bright future. What's I want to keep in my heart is always feel thankful and grateful even its small matters. That's will make me reminds of the beauty of life could be with along the people I loved in my life. 

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