[Shopping] Shopping Haul during Korea Trip in November 2017

by - Thursday, April 05, 2018

On last year, I'm just back from the trip to Korea for 2 weeks with my mom and sister. I also already finish updating the Korea Travelogue stories in my blog under name of [Travel] Trend Korea by Explore Seoul, Gangwon, Gyeonggi & Jeju Island on November 2017; which is based on day by day. Before I forget, I make the new project during this trip which is #CaféSeries and #UniqueStore. Feel free to read the stories about it.

The most things, I love to do when I'm back to Seoul is shopping. On this post, I would like to share what I have bought during that trip. I really do love the K-Skincare and Cosmetics since I start using it in 2012. Mostly the products and brands I was bought are not yet available in Malaysia's market. That why I try to find it at Seoul, Korea. Maybe time to time, I will make a review after I try it about all the K-Skincare and Cosmetics that I was brought in Seoul. 

Among the brands I was bought are Innisfree, Moonshot, Laneige, The Face Shop, IOPE, Nature Republic, 3CE, Tamburins, COSRX, Hermish, Sons and Park, Pony Effect, and more. These products I bought together with my mom. The amount we're spending for K-Skincare and Cosmetics is almost KRW 2 million (RM 7,600). Not to be surprised! It's just my own use and I would like to make stock, maybe before I'm planning to go back there again after 2 years. 

I never fail to buy these kinds of stuff like Korean books, stationeries, and K-Pop Kinds of Stuff, especially when I went to Myeongdong, Kyobo Bookstore, and YG Places. I think most of the people never miss to do this when they travel to Korea like me. 

Among the stuff I bought are Winner Mini Album (all collection), BigBang MADE Album, G-Dragon Album Kwon Ji Yong, Winner Merchandises, BigBang Merchandises, YGE Merchandises (it's a gift when I bought something at YG Places Store on the Opening Day), Planning Book, Stick Note (Nature Design), Starbuck Tumbler Jeju, Cover Card of Business Card, Korean Bookmarks, and Korean Books. 

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