[Blogging] Happy 7th Years Anniversary

by - Thursday, January 03, 2019

I was feeling surprised after I knew that I have been in the blogging world is almost 7 years, which is start on this day (3rd January 2019). From the beginning, I choose to open the blog by using the Blogspot platform because it is easy to understand for the person like me, which is zero knowledge about this blogging world. As the main reasons, I decided to become a blogger is I want to write my journal's life, especially travelogue at the one platform that I easy to access and share to the people, who are interested to read about it. I admit that sometimes I also have ‘short-term memory lost', so when I write the stories that I want to remember the detail information about it in future so I can read back in my blog. Day by day, I was learning many new things after I open this blog.

It is not easy to maintain blogging while sometimes I do busy with my actual work as an accountant. I also do face hard time for the irresponsible person who is stealing my photos and contents in my blog about the travelogue information in South Korea. She or he just takes it without my permission, once I was tweeting about it then that person immediate blocking me on Twitter and Instagram. I know who is that person but that person did not have attention to asking for apologize to me at all. That person is just keeping in silent and quite.

After that happen, I have to delete and edit some of the photos and contents in every blog post that related with the travelogue to South Korea. So if have someone want to know the detail information about some places that I have been there before, just asking me directly thru the email and be willing to give it for free. I don't ask for money if you want some detail information in my blog, I just ask the permission and credit on my blog's name only. That is all I need. I don't understand why that person does that? I also knew that person does have the small travel business that related travel to South Korea, but I don't know how the business is going well or not. If this way that person begins the business, I wish the business is not going well. 

I just tell this problem to my family members and close friends. Of course, they are feeling pissed off after hearing this news. I also show some evidence and they immediately recognized it, especially the photos that person was taken from my blog and then using it to promo some travel package to Seoul, Korea. But no much I can do about it; I just can cover some of it only. That moment really makes me more be careful while I'm blogging. I just take it as a lesson to me for remembers in future. 

Actually, start in mid-year 2017; I take the serious decision to my blog and I knew this blogging become more than the hobby for me. I was changed my blog's name to Nina Enany by using the domain site: www.ninaenany.com. I also do redesign my blog and blog business card. This is almost 2 years for me using this new blog's name and I love it so much. Even I have been 7 years in the blogging world, I still new in this thing. I do have a lot of things to learn from it. 

Nowadays, I have the passion to learn about photography. I always do try and errors when it is related to photography. Sometimes, I think not all I can easily understand thru reading from the books. I think I should do the experience on it. Even I do face the problem while I'm blogging but that do not mean I have to give up. I knew this is what do I love to do in my life and I will still continue blogging until the end of my life. At the same time, I have fun and enjoy thru this blogging. I really appreciate to all my families and close friends, who is never-give-up support and trust on me. There are really like my backbone in my life journey stories. I hope in this year of 2019 will be brighter and shine with positives vibes.  

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