[Book] The Poetry Book of ‘It's All My Fault' (모두가 네 탓) By Lee Jongsuk

by - Wednesday, May 09, 2018

This is the first time of the famous Korean Actor and Model Lee Jongsuk write a poetry book with the title of 모두가 네 탓; which mean ‘it's all your fault' or ‘everything is your fault'. This book was the collaboration with the Famous Korean Poet of Na Taejoo. This book has 272 pages with the hardcover of red color. However the book only contains the poems of Na Tae Joo but it has a DVD, which contains Narration of actor Lee Jongsuk. The book is all written in Korean only and the DVD has four language options (Korean, English, Japanese, and Chinese) but it does not provide the translation of poems. 

Honestly, I really take time to understand every word in this book. I'm not really good in the Korean language since I stop continue study of Korean language in the year 2013. But I do love this book and I can continue to study the Korean language by myself. In what's I understand about this book is it's about love, heartbroken, life, and people. When you read this book, I hope you can enjoy reading as I am. 

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