[Travel] Shopping Trip to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam in October 2018

by - Friday, December 28, 2018

This is not my first time trip to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. The first time holiday to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam is on 2015 with my Mama and my late dad. Then, I continue going there in 2016 and 2017. So this is my fourth time going there with the same focus and mission. As you know, I have been updating the previous stories about my holiday to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam in my blog – just free to read it.

I think the Ho Chi Minh City is quite famous among Malaysia tourists until it has a place that knows as Malaysia Street at the Ben Thanh Market area. This area is also famous with 1-day tailor services; which is your dress (traditional Malaysia dress) can be finished just in 1 day only. Some of the shops also can make it in half day too but it depends on the shop that you choose. Yes, it is has a lot of shop in the Ben Thanh Market that you can freely choose by yourself. They also still can accept the Malaysia Ringgit (RM) too.

My trip to Ho Chi Minh is on 06 October 2018 (Saturday) until 09 October 2018 (Tuesday) by Malaysia Airlines. This trip is together with my mom, sister, and aunty. We're staying at the Alagon Western Hotel – just close to the Ben Thanh Market and also located in Malaysia Street. Nothing much special on this trip, it is looking same almost every year that I'm having been going there. Just at this time my aunty is the first time she going there and every day we're just shopping. 

The Alagon Western Hotel is a great location for who come to Ho Chi Minh City just for shopping and do the business (like buy the materials) around the Ben Thanh Market. Since it's close by of each other and this hotel also provided the halal breakfast for easy to the Muslim tourist. Actually, in my opinion, this hotel is not really suited to me. It is because the superior double room is so small with no window and on the night day, it's so noisy. I still can hear the next room talking to each other and the night market is just in front of our hotel. I can't sleep well on the night because of this. If you plan to stay at this hotel, I recommend choosing the room type of suite room or executive city view room. I also take the airport transfer services by the hotel and the fare is reasonable for me. 

Okay. Since this is the first time trip for my aunt so we're just walking around the Saigon City – just like the city tour. I get chance to visit the Hard Rock Café in Ho Chi Minh. It is just nice when I get the t-shirt at the store. I also find the famous café building in the Ho Chi Minh City but I did not go inside because we're having next activities. 

Before I forget on this trip, my sister was found the tailor shop so we're can manage well of our dress since we can talk directly to the tailor and tell her what's kind of dress we want. I knew where her shop is once my sister shows the picture to me and her shop is petty close to our hotel. She can speak basic English but she can't speak Malay – just understand a little but Malay only. I quite surprised when she knew almost all the traditional Malaysia dress. I also want she make a dress for me that same in the picture and it turns very well. Most of that she quite understands normal Malaysian tourist request to make the dress, especially for Muslim tourist. I love it so much. The cost is not really expensive but it does depend on the kind of materials and the dress pattern style that you request too. 

Lucky, she told us that we can get a special price from her sister shop in the Ben Thanh Market. It's true, the price is cheaper rather than on the last year but since we're so busy shopping so I really don't take note about the price in detail. I just knew a few only, the tailoring cost to make a long dress with lining (VND 500,000 – RM 88.25), and Baju Kurung Moden (3), Long Dress with lining (1) & Vietnam Dress with lining (1) the cost (VND 1,700,000 – RM 300.05). 

That is my entire story about this trip. It looks short but nothing much happens on this trip because we're going there for shopping only. 

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