[Travel] 2 Days 1 Night Trip to Singapore in April 2018

by - Monday, April 16, 2018

Beginning 2018, I would like to start my trip to Singapore with my lovely family members as you know they are my mom and my sister. Just three of us take a short holiday for 2 days 1 night after working hard and stress that's we've to face on every day. The holiday plan and itinerary are done by me as usual. It's as a little reward for us. Look like time to enjoy our life and release the stress too. 

This trip starts on 07 April 2018 (Saturday) until 08 April 2018 (Sunday) by flight Malindo Air. We are staying in Hotel Boss that located at Jalan Sultan, Singapore; just nearby with the Arab Street. This is my first time to take flight by Malindo Air; the reason I choose the Malindo Air on this trip because I just want to take the experience with Malindo Air. Our flight (OD 801) from Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) to Changi International Singapore is at 08:15 am. We're needed to arrive at KLIA around 05:30 am for check-in luggage and take the boarding pass. 

Everything looks going smoothly until we're riding a plane of Malindo Air to Singapore. The journey is taken 1 hour for our safety but I think the journey is around 45 minutes. It's because the plane had delay around 15 minutes to 20 minutes. Since it's a short journey, they only give us drinks. As you know, once you're booking air ticket with Malindo Air – you'll get the meal on the plane, entertainment, and luggage weight 25 kg for economy class. Actually, it does include together with your air ticket price. That's the reasons I really want to get the experience services from the Malindo Air. We're safely arriving at Terminal 3, Changi International Airport at 09:15 am. So far, the services from Malindo Air is okay for me, maybe I'll try again but on the short journey – below 3 hours journey. 

I'm pretty surprised when I saw the new Changi International Airport, its look so beautiful with the modern interiors. I have been going to Singapore by flight on last 5 years ago (in the year 2013). It's so different rather than 5 years ago and I like the new Singapore Airport. Somehow, I forget that Singapore is just neighbor with Malaysia. Of course, most of them can speak in the Malay language. Most of the subway in Singapore also makes announce the station name in English and Malay language. That makes our trip to Singapore become super easy.

The first thing I do when I arrived in Singapore, I try to find the Changi Airport Transitlink Ticket Office to buy the 2 Days Tourist Pass. The price is SGD 26.00 (RM 77.20) include the rental deposit fee, SGD 10 (RM 27.90). The Singapore Tourist Pass is a special EZ-link card that offers tourist unlimited travel on Singapore's basic bus services, MRT and LRT trains for the duration that it is valid. It is available in 1-Day Pass (SGD 10 – RM 2.97), 2-Days Pass (SGD 16 – RM 47.50), and 3-Days Pass (SGD 20 – RM 59.40). When you buy the Singapore Tourist Pass with the day that you choose, you have to pay together with the rental deposit fee (SGD 10). The rental deposit fee can be refunded to you after the expiry date. If you have the plan to keep the card for your future trip to Singapore, this card has 1-year expiry if you not continue using the card in Singapore after the expiry date of the card issue. For the more information just visit the official website of Singapore Tourist Pass.

Then, we're straight to go the hotel that we're booking for check-in from the airport. We're staying at the Hotel Boss, which is located nearby the Lavender Station. We manage our room booking on the official Hotel Boss website and we're entitled to get the early check-in on 11:00 am, 07 April 2018 (Saturday). Look like, I'm good to manage our time to check-in our room. 

The view from our room

They just request the card guarantee for secure your room booking only if you make the cancellation and the payment is on the arrival day. The payment can be cash (SGD) or credit card. I was booking the triple room with halal breakfast. The room price is SGD 264 (RM 784.10) per night per room including the tax at that moment. The triple room is just nice but for me, it's a little bit small if you have big luggage with 3 people in same room. 

Since its afternoon, then I plan to take lunch at the Hajah Maimunah Restaurant & Catering; which is located at Jalan Pisang, Singapore. It's just nearby from Hotel Boos and we need to walk around 7 minutes to arrive at the restaurant. Most of the menu is Indonesia meal style. The total cost of out lunch for 3 people is SGD 35 (RM 103.95). If not mistaken, these restaurants have many brands in Singapore area. It's convenient for Muslim tourist, who is looking halal meal. But just to lets you know, these restaurants always full with the customers even when you need to choose the menu, you need to take long queue. Just be patient, when you want to eat at the restaurant.

After lunch, we visit the Arab Street. It's just nearby from the Hajah Maimunah Restaurant & Catering. Actually, the Arab Street area is around the Masjid Sultan (Sultan Mosque). Most of this area has many halal restaurants and café for Muslim Tourist too. One of thing, this area is Tourist Hotspot too. The famous thing at the Arab Street is wall art that located at Haji Lane. I know this area become famous on Instagram. That's because I never want to miss to get the chance too.

Next stop is the Garden by the Bay; which is located nearby of Marina Bay Sands Singapore. This is most places I want to go when I come to Singapore. Before this, I do not get the chance to visit the Garden by the Bay. This place is so beautiful. I hope someday Malaysia also has this such as beautiful garden too. 

Then, we're moving to Marina Bay Sands Shopping Mall. We were looking around the mall if we're found something interesting to buy. On that moment, it's raining so to kill our time; we decide to have a drink at the Starbuck Café in the Marina Bay Sands Shopping Mall. 

When the raining is stopped, we're moving to the Singapore Merlion. Another hotspot of tourist when visiting Singapore. We walk around 7 minutes to 10 minutes from the Marina Bay Sands Shopping Mall. Actually, my sister wants to visit this place because, on the last trip to Singapore, she not gets the chance to take the photo with the Singapore Merlion. 

Then, we're moving to the Orchard Road for second time shopping. After tired window shopping at Orchard Road, then we're going back to the hotel. We're deciding to order takeaways meal at some of the restaurants in Arab Street area and take the dinner at the room hotel. Look like, we're not going many places in Singapore City but we're feeling super tired. 

What's can I said? That's all the itinerary of half day tour in Singapore City. I just want to cover some places that we're never going yet on the previous trip to Singapore. On this trip, I do not have rental any pocket wifi or on data roaming in my iPhone 6 for the internet. I just look the direction based on the latest Singapore subway map (that's I download in Malaysia before arrived at Singapore) in my iPhone 6. Lucky, nowadays in Singapore City have the signboard direction of the MRT and LRT station that nearby around the area. Its make our trip super easy even we do not have internet. 

On the next day, we take breakfast at the hotel on 07:15 am. Then we're check-out from Hotel Boss on 08:30 am since we need to arrive at the Terminal 3, Changi International Airport on 10:00 am for the check-in luggage process at the Malindo Air counters. After everything is done, we're straight going to immigration counters. I not expected that Singapore immigration counters are modern rather than 5 years ago. 

Since we've arrived at Terminal 3 Changi International Airport early, so we have a lot of time. I take this chance to shopping at the free duty stores. I like to shop at the free duty stores in the Terminal 3 Changi International Airport.

Our flight (OD 804) from Changi International Airport to KLIA on 12:20 pm but our flight delay around 10 minutes to 15 minutes because of the queue for waiting to fly. The journey is taken around 1 hour and we safely arrive at the KLIA at 13:20 pm. We take lunch at the KLIA before going back. Before I forget, the Singaporean people are super nice and friendly to us on this trip, especially when we're lost. They are happy to help us; even they give us instruction in the Malay language. While this is a short trip to Singapore with my family, but I found this trip is a nice trip in early 2018. I've become more excited to wait for my next trip soon. 

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