[Travel] Discovers Sydney & Melbourne, Australia in September 2018 (Day 1)

by - Friday, November 02, 2018

After around the 2 months, now I have time to update my travel's stories to Sydney and Melbourne, Australia in September 2018. This trip is considering the family vacation, which is I travel with my mom and sister for 8 days and 5 nights by the Malaysian Harmony Tour and Travel Sdn Bhd. Of course, I'm feeling excited on my first time going to traveling to Australia. Australia is one of my dream countries to traveling and I really hope that I can go travel to Sydney and Melbourne, Australia. This year my travel dream has come true. Actually, I'm not expected this trip is confirmed on last minutes. 

My trip to Sydney and Melbourne, Australia is on 13th September 2018 (Thursday) until 20th September 2018 (Thursday). This trip is taking the international flight by Singapore Airlines with transit in Singapore, and also the domestic flight by Jetstar Airline. This tour focuses on Tesselaar Tulips and Fruit Orchard Tour. The difference time between Sydney and Melbourne, Australia with Malaysia is ahead 2 hours from Malaysia. The season in Australia at that moment in early spring. 

The beginning of the international flight is from Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KUL) to Sydney International Airport (SYD), but I have to transit flight at the Changi International Airport (SIN) before we're the flight to Sydney, Australia. This is also my first time get the experience of the international flight with the Singapore Airlines. 

Everything is the same rule of the international flight; which is the same time of stand-by at the airport is 3 hours for doing the check-in baggage and also take the boarding pass at the airlines' counters. The Singapore Airlines is allowed the check-in baggage of two (2) baggages only with the weight, not more than 30 kg. It's also allowed the hand-carry baggage of 1 cabin baggage and 1 handbag with not more 7 kg of weight. I think this rule is almost the same with the Malaysia Airlines too. 

The journey from KUL to SIN is just taken the time around 1 hour. The flight number is MI329. The departure time is 17:10 (05:10 pm) from KUL and we've arrived at the SIN on 18:10 (06:10 pm), 13th September 2018 (Thursday). It's just a small plane of the seat arrangement the 3 – 3. Since it's a short journey from KUL to SIN, then I got the orange juice in the plane with the wet tissue. 

The conjunction time of transit is just around 2 hours but for me, it's really rushing since we have to take the airport transit train to go to another terminal. It's quite far and also it takes time to walk. It does not include the time have been taken for search the flight gate of next flight and also the security check sections. In my experience, its better take time more than 2 hours when you decide to book the transit flight like this so you're will have more time to walk and rest before the next flight.

The journey from Changi International Airport (SIN) to Sydney International Airport (SYD) takes time around 8 hours by the distance of 6,305 km. It's my first-time experience of the big double-decker plane from Singapore Airlines. I'm petty surprised looking how many the passengers whose take this flight. The economy class area, I seating is on the main deck in the plane and the seat arrangement is 3 – 4 – 3. The seating area for the economy is also quite a big space for me. We're lucky to get the seating 1 row (3 seating) beside the window together with my mom and sister. It's petty nice and comfortable flight.  

The cabin crews give us a welcoming warm towel, then they give us the snack and juice after the plane is stable. We also get the small pillow, blanket, earphone, and small pocket bag (stocking and toothbrush & toothpaste). The entertainment on this plane is quite nice and many choices of the movie but since I'm so tired, then most of the time I'm sleeping on the plane. 

The snack

The dinner - Pan Fried Fish Fillet

The dessert - Ice-cream

The continental breakfast

On this journey, we're got meals two times; which is the dinner and the continental breakfast. Before they serve the meal to the passenger, they are given the menu to us. In my opinion, the meals on board Singapore Airlines is not really suited on my tastes, maybe. It's because most of the meals, I can't finish it. 

After the 8 hours journey from Singapore to Sydney, Australia – finally we're safely arriving at the Sydney International Airport on 05:30 am on 14th September 2018 (Friday). Just early a few minutes from the originally scheduled time of arrived flight. That is all my stories on day 1 of this trip. Just for your information, I have been writing the extra note tip about discovers Sydney and Melbourne, Australia based on my experience during this trip. Feel free to read it. 

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