[Lifestyle] Spend Time ‘Alone' on Weekend at Home

by - Monday, April 30, 2018

Most of my favorite days are on the weekend because I can take rest after tired working at the office from Monday to Friday. In some situations, I'm easy can get stress because my actual work is the accounting – can you imagine how's many works I've to do on every weekday, especially on end of the month is super busy time for accounting. Even my works sometimes make me feeling stress but I still love my jobs. Only on weekend, I have time for myself to do what I love to do. Maybe this is a normal activity for everyone – just what's to share my activities with anyone, whose interest to know what I am doing on weekend. Not misunderstanding about I mention ‘alone', I still living with my mom and normally I have time ‘alone' at home to do what's I love to do by myself. 

Since me going to work on early morning and come back to home in the late evening, I do not have time to clean my house. So I take this opportunity to cleaning my house together with my mom after breakfast. We'll spend the time to do house works for 3 hours to 4 hours. Normally, I'll wake up from bed around 08:30 am on weekend since me always going to sleep at 10:00 pm. It's because I've to wake up on 06:00 am on weekdays for going to work and this is because it's become my habits now. After all house works are done, I take a shower and cooking our lunch together with my mom.

After lunch, I'll spend my time alone in my room to check some email and I also doing blogging works; which are write a blog draft, find a photo idea, doing the photo shoot, edit the photo, and reschedule blog. I do love blogging works as a hobby but for some reasons I'll do the blogging works seriously. Maybe I do have the passion for blogging works. Blogging as my hobby and part-time jobs when I have free time. Sometimes, I do blogging to write my travelogue after I back from holiday. It's like a journal of my life that I want to read back in future and at the same time; I would like to share my stories too with some tips.

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If I have moods on weekend, I do study Korean language back by myself. A while ago, I going to take the Korean class for study Korean language in beginner level but I can't continue my study because I'm busy with my actual works. It's hard to me to manage my time with study and works at the same time. It's because I not continue my study, I become forget many Korean words since me, not regular practices even I always listening K-Pop songs and also watching the K-Drama. Normally, I just take time to study the Korean language around 2 hours to 3 hours based on my moods. Sometimes, it's less than that.

When I feel boring, I'll spend most of the time just watching TV together with my mom in the living room. Normally, that activity the most I doing on the weekend if we're don't have any plan to going out on weekend. Recently, I busy too on weekend with many activities with family and I do have to work on Saturday by rotated once in every month with all account department staffs. 

That is all, the stories about how I spend time alone on weekend at home when I do not have to go to works. I hope you enjoy reading about it. 

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  1. I also want to learn Korean language but working really takes majority of my time lol.

    1. I understand your situation. It's same with me. I learn back Korean language in these moments but it;d depend on my moods. Hihihi ^^