[Journal] Busy Week on October, 2014.

by - Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Hi, guys…
Early October is peak week from me but it’s happen when I take long day leave. Soon, it’s have public holiday too before I going to holiday to my second hometown. A lot of works I need to finish before holiday. I will feel bad when I make my officemates in trouble if I can’t finish it on the time. 

Honestly, I quite stress because of this even I know I going to holiday. Stress is not good for mind and body. It does will make my healthy become worst. I got migraine, gastric, and back pain. This is because of stress. I need to handle my stress for my healthy. What I do to reduce stress? I do some methods to reduce my stress in my own way.

#1 Listening Favorite Music
I always bring my iPod anywhere for listen my favorite songs. Sometime, I was listen music from my iPod at the office too. I was huge fan of K-pop, especially artists from YG Entertainment. The most my favorite songs are albums from Big Bang and Winner. I do listen other K-Pop songs but what I can say 98% is K-Pop songs in my iPod even in my iPhone and iPad too.  

#2 Watching Movie and Drama
Sometimes, I do watching movie and drama by my laptop. Those make me relax, especially when back from work at office. If ask me what kind of movie or drama I have? I have variety of movie and drama from my collection, for example Korean, Japanese, and English too. Sometimes, I quite easy fall to sleep when watching movie or drama. 

#3 Sleeping
When I got migraine, sleeping is the BEST method for make it gone. Before I sleep, I will make hot honey drink for make me easy fall to sleep. Rather I take some medicine for migraine.  That idea I got from my mama, she told me to do that since I not like to drink pure milk. I do like drink Banana Milk when I go to Seoul. That is my favorite drink when I go there.

#4 Eat Chocolate
Did you know chocolate can reduce stress? But it’s bad for migraine. When you got migraine better you not eat chocolate until you feel okay from migraine. You can eat chocolate when you feel stress. That is what I do, especially during at office. I have a lot of chocolate stock too. Don’t to worry about fat when you eat chocolate. I do eat chocolate but I not totally fat. You can see at my pictures in my Instagarm. Chocolate can give you energy to think more. Chocolate make me happy too.

#5 Write a Blog
I Love write blog when I got free time. I think most I update blog is about my travel story. I write some ideas in notebook before it’s will be gone. I make draft too before I post in the blog because I will be stuck when I got free time to write blog without any idea to write. Then I take some pictures for it that related with the idea; and make some edit before post in the blog. It’s take time but it will be fast when all ready to post. The most important for blogger is internet connection too. 

#6 Traveling
Traveling is the BEST treatment for release stress. Since I Love traveling, which is make me happy when I can go anywhere even the place is close from my house. I don’t mean you need to go holiday to oversea but its okay when you can spend time with your love. I always feel great in holiday time. 

In 2 weeks more, I will flight with my girlfriend for holiday and work. So I need to prepare many things before I flight. I need to make travel planner and packing. The travel planner will make us achieve our goals. Now, everything is ready especially our travel planner. Hope travel will going AMAZING with unexpected situation that we dream off. Wish me luck. 

How about guys? Same method you use it?

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