[Travel] 1st Day Lunch at Yeolbong Restaurant by Se7en

by - Thursday, October 30, 2014

I got chance to visit some of Korean celebrity’s restaurant and café on this year during my holiday. I’m feeling so happy because one of my dreams comes true. Last year, when I went holiday to Seoul, I not got chance to visit some of Korean celebrity’s restaurant and café. Now, it’s time to make some research for my blog and readers. I will update the stories of every Korean celebrity’s restaurant and café; which is I went there… (^_^)

Yeolbong Restaurant is my first Korean celebrity’s restaurant that I got chance to visit during this holiday on October, 2014.

Our first day lunch are at Yeolbong Restaurant; which is own by Se7en from YG Entertainment. Se7en was opened a steamed chicken franchise restaurant selling Jimdak – stewed chicken with glass noodles, potato, tokkpoki (rice cake), and spring onion. If you like spicy, there are four levels of spiciness for you to choose from.

Since Yeolbong Restaurant has 3 branches, we were trying at Hongdae Branch. Hongdae Branch is near with our guesthouse so we can save some of our time. Like my girlfriend say before, the quantity are quite a lot for 2 persons but it’s okay since I want to try it and we choose the normal level of spicy. What can I said it’s so delicious and I like it, even thought it quite spicy for us. I think next time; we will choose the lower level of spicy. We can’t handle spicy so well. Hahaha~

I like the environment feeling at Yeolbong Restaurant and it have a lot of pictures from another artists; which is they give support to Se7en, especially from YG Entertainment celebrities.

Here, the direction to go Yeolbong Restaurant of Se7en for 3 branches. Just choose which branch you like to go and try it when holiday at Seoul, Korea.

First, Hongdae Branch:

Address: 364-23 Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul.
Tel: 02-3141 1013
Website: www.yeolbong.com
Open on 11:30 am until 11 pm (everyday)
Subway Station: Hongik University Station, Line 2, Exit 9.

Second, Garosu-gil Branch:

Subway Station: Sinsa Station, Line 3, Exit 8.

1. Get off Sinsa Station (Line 3), Exit 8. Walk straight for about 50m and you should pass a Tour les Jours shop on your left. Continue walking straight.
2. You turn left into the road call “Garosu-gill Street”. Walk straight for about 20m, Yeolbong Restaurant is on your right (2nd level).

Third, Gangnam Branch:

Subway Station: Gangnam Station, Line 2, Exit 11.

1. Get off at Gangnam Station (Line 2) Exit 11. Walk straight for 50m and stop at “City Cinema”.
2. Turn right after the McDonald and walk into the small lane
3. Turn right after the 1st junction
4. Make a left run after the “Olive and Young” shop. Note: it’s opposite restaurant “Quarterback”
5. You will see Yeolbong Restaurant on your left

It's easy, right? Try it when you go holiday at Seoul, Korea.

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