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by - Tuesday, October 21, 2014

On April 21, 2014 – Samsung Malaysia Electronic was launch the NX mini, Samsung’s slimmest and lightest interchangeable-lens camera. The portable and stylish design of the NX mini SMART Camera, along with its stunning image quality makes it the “go-to” device for great photography, allowing users to capture special moments in stunning detail. With NFC and WiFi capabilities, it allows users to take impressive shots that can then be shared quickly and easily, for friends to enjoy in real time.

As Samsung’s slimmest and lightest interchangeable-lens camera on the market, the NX mini is the ultimate way to capture life on-the-go without any hassle. Weighting 158g (body only) and sporting an ultra slim (22.5mm) design, the NX mini can easily slip into almost any pocket or bag, yet still delivers the powerful results passionate photographers demand. 

The camera features a solid premium metal body with a luxurious leatherette finish, making the camera the natural choice for style-conscious shooter looking to make a statement. Available in five different colors (white, pink, mint green, brown, and black) users can choose the color that best suits their style. 

Now, I was fall in LOVE with Samsung Smart Camera NX mini after I saw so many blogger make the review about this camera. Then, I was bought the Samsung Smart NX mini on 27 June 2014 (black color) with the price is RM 1,210 but the retail Samsung price is RM 1,399.
Look a little bit surprise?!!...

Okay~ let me show what I got in the price RM 1,210. All is the original set.

Basic 9mm Kit Lens
Rechargeable Battery
Micro SD-Card 16GB
Micro SD-Card 32GB
AC Adapter / USB Cable
Software CD-ROM
Adobe Photoshop Light Room
Quick Start Guide
Quick Reverie Guide 
Screen Protector Camera
Cover Leather Camera

The Features of Samsung Smart Camera NX mini:

Stylish Slim, Impressively Light

Flip the Display & Perfect Your Selfie

Capture More Than Your Selfie

Get Clearer Shot Even in Low Light

Capture Real Life in Full Detail (like in concert)

Capture Movement Instantly Without Blur

Discovery the Beauty of High Quality Video

Enough Battery Power to Shoot the Whole Story

But I not really explore the function of Samsung Smart Camera NX mini since I bought until today. Even that, I already likes the Samsung Smart Camera NX mini because of HD pictures and video. At the same time, it's friendly user too.

Since, I was the non-android user so it’s a little bit difficult to me at the first time to transfer photo to my iPhone. Before this, I question about the “How to Transfer Photos to Mobile Device or Non-Android Devices?” 

Now, I know the answer and I would like to share about it. 
Here, the step of to transfer photos to mobile device or non-android device:

Step 1: Download the SAMSUNG SMART CAMERA APP from Play Store or App Store.

Step 2: Search and connect your mobile devices to the Samsung NX mini camera via WiFi.
 (Don’t worry about WiFi connection because Samsung Smart Camera NX mini have it own WiFi connection. It’s easy to say that it like Bluetooth too. Not need to find the WiFi network to transfer.) 

Step 3: Once connected to the NX mini, run the SAMSUNG SMART CAMERA APP.

Step 4: Select the photos you would like to transfer & share via Mobile Link Function.

Step 5: Then, it will automatically start the transfer seamlessly and you will find the photos in your album or camera roll.

It’s easy, right? So you can transfer easily to your phone and share it in your Social Network System (SNS) like instagram, facebook, twitter and more. All pictures from Samsung Smart Camera NX mini is high quality and the BEST picture because the quality is same like picture from DSLR.

I as a blogger would be easy to me to bring my favorite camera anyway and anytime to take pictures for my memories and blog too. Hihihi~ At the same time, if you follow me in Instagram – you can see all HD pictures are from Samsung Smart Camera NX Mini. It’s easy to upload picture I like in my instagram directly from my camera. 

For further information, visit the official website Samsung Malaysia

Credit: Source of information and some of pictures are from official website Samsung Malaysia.

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