[Travel] CuRio Style Vacation at Seoul, Korea on October, 2014!

by - Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Oh, Yeah!! I Back HomeTown again this Year!!
I just back from Seoul, Korea on last Sunday night (19 October 2014) and I have to start work back on Monday morning (20 October 2014). Honestly, I’m so tired but I try my BEST to update about my holiday on my blog as soon as possible. Hihihi~ (^_^)

Last time, I back from Seoul on early month of September, 2013. I miss so much my hometown. This year, I not go to Seoul, Korea alone but I back hometown with my girlfriend. We always travel together. This time, we holiday at Seoul are 9 days 8 nights; which are start on 11 October 2014 until 19 October 2014.

It’s sound so long for stay in Seoul? But it’s not for me. Sometimes, I feel it’s not enough yet because I still want to go many places around Seoul. This time, I went to Seoul in autumn season and its nice season for holiday in Seoul; because the temperature is not hot and cool. It’s just beginning of autumn season when I go there.

Of course, when we back to Seoul again – its will related with YG Entertainment. I know some of my friends can guess the reasons of it. Hahaha~ I want to go many places around Seoul that I could during this holiday and I was make travel planner like I went to Tokyo, Japan on May, 2014. Then, we will be organizing our vacation this time in proper way.

Our flight from Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) on 11 October 2014 (Saturday) and we safely arrive at Incheon International Airport on same day around 8:20 AM (Korea Time). Then, we directly check in at our guesthouse.

Actually, we stay at the same guesthouse on last year but the owner already change and the name of this guesthouse also change to ChaChaCha Guesthouse. We choose room twin for 9 days 8 nights & the price is around KRW 368,000 for 2 persons; which is this room is KRW 46,000 per night per room. They are give special price to us since we always stay at this guesthouse when we back to Seoul, Korea.

 It’s GREAT?.... Hihihi~This is our favorite guesthouse because this guesthouse is close by with YG Entertainment. So we can go to YG Entertainment anytime for meet our favorite artists but if we are lucky again. Hahaha~

We went so many places during this holiday; especially it’s related with Korean Artist Shop and Café. I think for who follow me in my Instagram; they already knew where is I went during my holiday. But I don’t know how to update in my blog. 

Which style of post should I have to update for easy to my lovely blog reader?

How about, I give the simple travel plan to you guys about holiday in Seoul, Korea – especially to go your favorite Korea Artist shop or café. Maybe.. the stories about Dolce Vita Pension?... Hahaha~

~Stay Tune~ Soon~ more stories I will update in here… (^_^) 

This is just the introduction of my holiday at Seoul, Korea. 9 days stories…more will come out soon..

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