[Health] How to Release the Stress at the Office?...

by - Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Hi, guys… Did you know how to release the stress at the office?
A few weeks ago, I was watching some TV Show at KBS World Channel. They show the some method that useful for ladies. At the same time, it can keep your beauty too. I always using this method at office and I like it the result.

#1 Take Deep Breathes
Try calming yourself and take deep breathes as much you want it. Recommend 10 times.

#2 Do Some Stretching
Do some stretching for your shoulder. Just do a small exercise.  

#3 Spray The Mist
You just spray some mist on your face and legs. It make you feel fresh, especially when you stay near at air-condition. Air-condition will make your skin dry. I use mist from Bio-Essence Miracle Bio Water. Its can use for face, hair and body.

#4 Take Some The Therapy Perfume
If you have the therapy perfume, you can smell it for relaxing.

#5 Drink The Green Tea
Green tea is good for ladies and it can make you slim too. Just take 5 minutes for drink green tea or warm plain water if you don’t like green tea.

That all the method I do when I face my stress at office. It’s so useful for me, especially in this month. I have many things that need to finish it before my holiday soon. Stress makes me have margarine, gastric and back pain. After I do it, I feel good and fresh. At the same time, I can keep my skin fresh for whole day even at the office or after work.

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