[Travel] Sketch Book at 2014 Taeyang Concert [Rise] in Seoul.

by - Friday, October 31, 2014

Oh Yeah!! Finally, I got chance to watch Taeyang solo concert at Seoul, Korea. I’m waiting so long for these moments. Honestly, this is the main factors I back to my hometown this year. I think I just try to find the reasons for me to back my hometown. Lucky, my parents allow me to back my hometown again. Thanks so much to my lovely parents. (^_^)

Taeyang is one of Big Bang’s members, that now he so busies to promotion his new album “Rise” and his solo concert. As you know, Taeyang make 3 days concert – start from 10 October 2014 until 12 October 2014 at Jamsil Olympic Hall, Olympic Park, Seoul, Korea.

I was arrived to Seoul, Korea on 11 October 2014 with my girlfriend, so we got chance to watch Taeyang Concert for 2 days only. For me, the final day concert is the BEST moments ever in my life. Most I think the BEST concert day is on the final day concert – based on the concert I was goes, even in Seoul or Japan.

Even thought, we are quite tired but this concert make we totally enjoy. We got to manage our ticket for second day, so we not need to queue for buy the ticket concert at ticket counter on the concert day. We just do that on the final day concert only. At the same time, we also buy the official concert merchandise on the final day concert too.

The first time, when I saw the place of Taeyang concert – it’s not like when I go for G-Dragon concert “One of the Kind” on last year. Maybe because the place is small rather than G-Dragon concert “One of the Kind”. The place that I can take picture is on the front door hall concert only. 

I know not so many places to take pictures at 2014 Taeyang Concert Rise. But this time, all the gift from fans around the world, you can see at in front door of concert hall include the sponsor of rice to charity under Taeyang’s name. Something that makes me surprise is one of Taeyang Malaysia fan club give sponsor of rice to charity under Taeyang’s name too. I’m proud to them. I’m sure Taeyang will be so happy and he love Malaysia so much. Hihihi~ 

The official concert merchandise of 2014 Taeyang Concert Rise is based on Taeyang personality. I can see the merchandise is so close with Taeyang’s style. It’s located just at in front door of the Hall Concert Stadium.

The method is same like before for buy the official concert merchandise of 2014 Taeyang Concert Rise and you can pay by cash Korean won or credit card.

This is only the official concert merchandise of 2014 Taeyang Concert Rise that we bought on last a few weeks. 

Here, the tickets counter for buy the ticket concert. The ticket counter only sells the ticket on the concert day only but if have balance ticket form g-market online before. You can’t buy ticket for next day concert. It’s same like I went to G-Dragon concert One of a Kind on last year. We choose to buy the standard ticket, which is seating zone. We are not strong for standing zone. Hahaha~ 

First time, I watch Taeyang solo concert in my life. Now, I understand why Taeyang make the concert in the small hall for his solo concert, because he wants to close to his fans that support him from his debut until today. I’m proud being VIP.

What I can see the different between Taeyang solo concert and G-Dragon solo concert, that I was goes at Seoul is the fans. I can see this time, Taeyang have a lot of international fans especially from American. At the same time, Taeyang have boy fans too. The boy fans are quite good looking too for me. It’s different with G-Dragon fans, which is more from Japan. Hahaha~ 

He performance sooooooooooooo sexy… Everything sexy from Taeyang… Hahaha~ He said that he will make tour of his solo concert Rise but I not really sure he will make his solo concert in Malaysia or not… because sooooooooooooooo sexy… even truly form my hearts I want he make his solo concert in Malaysia too.

The final day, I got seating same row with YG Entertainment producers. G-Dragon is guest artist performance for Taeyang concert in songs “Stay with Me” and “Crooked”. During the concert show, I got the information from twitter that Winner, Dara from 2NE1 and Thunder from MBLAQ also come to watch final day Taeyang 2014 Concert Rise but we not seating in same zone. I miss Winner so much, especially Seungyoon…

It’s normal, I’m crying during Taeyang performance in certain songs. I can’t hold my tears anymore during watch his performance. I miss him so much after YG Family concert at Tokyo Dome on May, 2014…

2 days concert of 2014 Taeyang Concert Rise in Seoul are so GREAT memories for me. He never disappointed his fans. During encore, Taeyang walk around his fans include seating zone when he performance song “Fantastic Baby”. He can stop at my seating zone for quite long too and he dances the course songs “Fantastic Baby”. He was so close with me and my girlfriend at that time, plus he half naked too. He sooooooo handsome. Hahaha~ If you follow my Instagram, I’ve upload I little bit video during encore Taeyang sing the song “Eye Nose Lips”. That moment is so special for me. 

Even the hall is quite small but Taeyang gives the GREAT performance to his fans around the world that comes to Seoul, Korea for watching his solo concert. I can see he look so happy to meet all his fans at his solo concert in 3 days. I’m happy too after meet him and YG Family in the concert. Everything I wish is comes true. Thanks Youngbae for the BEST concert in year 2014.

I still can remember clearly what was happening during 2 days Taeyang Concert Rise in Seoul, 2014 until today. Sometimes, I will smile alone when remember it without any reasons. Maybe someone will think I’m crazy when I smile alone. Hahaha~ 

That is my entire story at 2014 Taeyang Concert Rise in Seoul with my girlfriend. It’s the BEST solo concert in this year from Taeyang!!! How it’s? Fun?

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