[Journal] Special Gift from Seoul, Korea.

by - Friday, October 24, 2014

Among the books, I was bought at Seoul, Korea on October 2014.
I LOVE Reading!! (^_^)

My room has a lot of variety books, even in my reading room too. Sometimes, I also like to writing the story based on my imagination. That why, start on last year – I take serious to writing blog after 1 year, I make my blog. At the same time, I was learning about photography too.

Last week, I was back from my holiday at Seoul, Korea for 9 days. I get chance to visit one of the bookstore at Seoul. I know the bookstore in Korea are sell a lot of Korean books but I want to see what kind of books there are have in the bookstore. I take almost 1 hour for look around and; at the same time, I was bought Korean books too. Even my Korean is not so good but I like to study Korean based on reading Korean books for my reference to get strong in Korean language. 

Tablo’s Book – Pieces of You. (English Version)
Before I flight to Seoul, I was order the book of Pieces of You by Tablo – Epik High. Actually these books already publish on year 2009 – it’s quite long year ago but I just know about this book in this year. When I start reading this book, I fall in love with this book. Now, I know Mr. Tablo Lee was great in writing the book too, even thought this year he was so busy with his group’s Epik High in promotion new album “ShoeBox”. This book has 2 versions, which is in English and Korean. 

The Collection of Korean Books I had in my room.
I know I have quite a lot the collection of Korean Books but, the funny part is I not yet finish reading any Korean books since I bought it. Hahaha~ Soon, I will finish reading all of these books too.

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