[Journal] Liester Award

by - Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Hi everyone. I have been nominated for the Leibster Award by Maira Noir 
Thanks so much for this. (^_^)

The Rules:

-Acknowledge the blog who nominated you and display the award
-Answer the 11 questions given to you from the blogger
-Give 11 facts about yourself
-Nominate 11 blogs you think deserve the award (less than 200 followers)
-Let the bloggers know you have nominated them 
-Give 11 questions to them to answer

The questions that I have to answer are:

1. What would you prefer for a pet?
I prefer cat.

2. Name 3 places that you want to visit till the end of your life?
-New Zealand
- Europe 

3. What your dream job?
Hmmm… Maybe something that related with fashion and music. Hahaha

4. What more important for you? Family or friends, and why?
Family is more important for me because they always beside me even in good or bad moments in my life. 

5. What is you worst habbit?
Hmmm… I can’t thing about this, because I not sure.

6. What kind of book do you like to read?
Criminal books. Mostly like Bones books series. 

7. Who you think is the most beautiful woman, from celebrities?
Choi Jiwoo, Korean celebrity.

8. How you would describe your dream boyfriend?
Person, who can lead me to the right way. He has a great smile. Hmmm~ maybe looking too. Hahaha~ He can understand me well, kind-heart, and respect peoples especially my parents.

9. When you go for shopping, what do you shop more often?
Hmmm~ I not really sure about this, because it’s depend on my mood. Everyday will change. 

10. What’s your favorite TV series?
My favorite TV series is CSI, Criminal Mind, Bones, and Once Upon a Time.

11. What is your favorite food?
My favorite food is any Korean foods.

11 Facts about Me:

-Only child in my family.
-Love in traveling and fashion.
-South Korea is my second hometown.
-Most favorite songs from YG Entertainment.
-Like stay at home.
-Like to drink hot water everyday before sleep.
-Always listening Korean music before sleep.
-Like in writing, sometimes I writing the stories based on my imagination.
-I know 3 languages, which are English, Malay and Korean.
 -Quite people if you don’t know me, but talkative people after you know me.
-Like to do crazy things, especially related with YGE.

Now, my turn to ask:

1. What the factors that make you start open your own blog?
2. Did you have been attending any events that related with bloggers? If have, tell your feeling about it.
3. Did you have met any international bloggers?
4. What you do to release the stress? By your way.
5. What the BEST unexpected moments that you never forget?
6. Did you know any Korean celebrities? If have, who your favorite?
7. What kind of music you like?
8. Where you will to go if you get 1 week leave?
9. What your favorite perfume?
10. What your favorite brand of cosmetic? 
11. What your favorite skincare product?

The blog I nominate:

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