[Travel] The Best Memories at Dolce Vita Pension, 2014.

by - Sunday, November 02, 2014

Did you know about Dolce Vita Pension at Pochen, Gyeonggi Province, Korea? Maybe the sound is quite familiar, but not really sure. It’s okay. I’ve post the story about Dolce Vita before, click here to get the general view. But I think the most of VIP or YGE fans already knows about this really well. (^_^)

This year, I got chance to go holiday at Dolce Vita Pension; which is the pension that Jiyong of members’ Big Bang was give to his father. We were stay there on 13 October 2014 until 14 October 2014 – just 2 days 1 night. It is sound like Korean KBS TV Show “2 Days 1 Night”, right? Hahaha~ we choose to stay at This Love Room; which is the price KRW 150, 000 per night. 

Actually, we choose to stay at This Love Room because the Jacuzzi is at balcony our room. It’s so romantic when I saw the beautiful night skies with a lot of shine stars. It’s will be more romantic if I can go there with my husband but when it’s will happen?... Hihihi~ 

This is the early prize to my lovely friend Iffa for her birthday’s prize, which is her birthday on 28 October 2014 ago. I hope it will be the BEST birthday’s prize ever to her from me. If not mistake, we also already 2 years be friend since we meet at 2012 Big Bang Alive Tour Concert Live in Malaysia on 27 October 2012. I hope our friendship will be like this forever.

Now, I understand why some people say this place is good for release stress because during at night, it’s so quite and nothing that we can do around Dolce Vita Pension, except for relaxation. Its location at countryside of Seoul and the journey by bus will take almost 1 hour from Seoul to Ildong.

For your information, the ticket bus price from Dongseoul Bus Terminal to Ildong Bus Terminal was increase to KRW 6,600 per way; same price for return back to Dongseoul Bus Terminal.  It’s easy to buy the ticket bus to Ildong Bus Terminal at counter Dongseoul Bus Terminal and same as you want to go back Dongseoul Bus Terminal, but if the day is not public holiday at South Korea.

Ticket Bus from Ildong Bus Terminal to Dongseoul Bus Terminal.

Ticket Bus from Dongseoul Bus Terminal to Ildong Bus Terminal
The way to go Dolce Vita Pension is still the same, like the picture as below.

Ildong Bus Terminal
Lotteria at Ilsong Bus terminal
After we arrived at Ildong Bus Terminal, we call the staff at Dolce Vita Pension for pick up us at Lotteria Ildong Bus Terminal. The person pick up us from Lotteria Ildong Bus Terminal is Jiyong’s aunty. She can speck English very well. Before she takes us to Dolce Vita Pension, she asks us to buy something for dinner because the Dolce Vita is located quite far from town so it’s difficult for person don’t have transportation like us. We buy something that easy to cook at our room for our dinner. They allow us to cooking because they already give us complete things to cook include rice cooker. 

I almost crying when I saw the Dolce Vita Pension during us almost reached there. Finally, I dream comes true after I work hard to achieve it. The place is quite big too. Jiyong’s aunty gives us our room key and shows us the room of This Love. The room is so beautiful. Everything looks like Jiyong’s style and all is perfect. Mix and match concept was he apply in the room decoration at Dolce Vita Pension.

This is tour of This Love Room at Dolce Vita Pension.

I was meet Gaho, Jolie and Maru. They are so cute but honestly I still afraid with dog, even I know Gaho is a nice dog rather than Jolie. The funny part is Gaho like to take picture, when I try to brave myself for take picture with Gaho, Gaho look straight at my camera. So cute… 

Maru is a nice cat. I think Maru is quite lonely at there alone. Maru always play around me when I walking around the Dolce Vita Pension. Maru almost like my tour guide for show me around Dolce Vita Pension. I miss Maru so much. 

The tour of Dolce Vita Pension by me and Maru…

I play with Maru when I stay at there. Now, I miss Maru so much…

The first I thought Dolce Vita Pension was designed as big house with living room but it’s quite different. Dolce Vita is not like normal big house that have living room. Every room have personal door that not related with other rooms, include café too. The design of Dolce Vita was so great, modern and it’s match with the environment. Dolce Vita has the high style of home decoration and technology. What can I said? Jiyong’s style.

This is the room’s door at Dolce Vita Pension.

Something was happen on evening. During we play at our balcony and look our Jacuzzi. Suddenly, my friend recognized someone that people already know who; which is Jiyong’s father. We think he just back from play golf and dinner. He saw us from our balcony and he say hi to us. Honestly, I so surprised at that moments because I think I not will meet him. We look so awkward at those moments, even though we are so happy after meet him personally. 

OMG!!! Finally, we are meet Jiyong’s father. My friend said that Jiyong’s father was staying at Love Dust Room; which is just upstairs from our room only and we can see upstairs room only was on the light. On that day, only we and Jiyong’s father were stay at Dolce Vita. At the moments before, when Jiyong’s aunty picks up us – I was a little bit disappointed because I think I not will meet Jiyong’s father. When we were meet Jiyong’s father, which was unexpected moments and bonus to us. 

We were cooking our dinner nicely. It’s simple but delicious. Everything was ready at the kitchen in our room; we just find it and cook with it.

On the next day, we take breakfast at café Dolce Vita. This café was open on 9 – 10 am only. Some of breakfast was ready at the counter, we just choice what we want to eat but we still need to cooking omelet by our style. 

We never miss to take picture around inside the café. We also left our massage to Dolce Vita at the fans broad.  I notice some massage at fans broad have fans from Malaysia, but only a few already been Dolce Vita Pension before us. 

The tour around at Dolce Vita café by me…

After breakfast, we take some pictures before we said goodbye to Dolce Vita Pension. At the same time, I try to be brave for speak with Jiyong’s father after I look him relax. Then, I ask his permission to take picture with him. He is so funny, supporting and nice person. He can speck English but only the basic thing. If you can speck Korean, then you can easy speck with him. 

Jiyong’s father was sent us at Lotteria Ildong Bus Terminal. At the moments in the car, we have a lot communication with Jiyong’s father. He notices I’ve a lot take selfie picture even in the car with him. Suddenly, he said to me that I so cute and we’ve make some small promise with him. Oh yeah!! I’m so happy. Next time, we will go there again on next vacation and claim our promise from him. Hahaha~

That is all about my story at Dolce Vita Pension of G-Dragon, Big Bang for 2 days 1 night. How about it? It’s fun? Tell me, if you already been there too. (^_^)

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  1. This is so wonderful! It made me cry! I wish I could go too. I hope I can meet his wonderful dad and pets someday. Thanks for some of the best photos of Dolce Vita as well! <3

    1. I wish that you would have a wonderful vacation at the Dolca Vita soon. I miss this moments so much and I hope I can go there again. By the way, thanks for visit my blog. ;)

  2. so lucky you..i want to go there this february. but my friend ask me to rethink about it..she not vip.. but i love GD so much..what do you think..should i or should not?

    1. Hi Shera... When I read this post back, I going to miss the moments there. Maybe I'm quite lucky when my friend is VIP too like me so it's easy to us. If you want to ask my advice about that, I think you should go there. It's because as the VIP, it's become a bucket list to stay at Dolce Vita once you get chance to go there. But you have to talk nicely with your friend about it, maybe your friend will understand it. For your info, the latest my trip to Korea on last year - my mom & sister not the kpop fans like me but they understand what's I want and what's I love so they give the great company and support while our trip to Korea - if you read my post, I quite many visit the place that related with the kpop. They also super fun and enjoy along the trip with me. Maybe we're going back to Korea again soon. I hope this will help you. Have a nice trip on next year. If you need anything, just sent me a email. I will help you. ^^

  3. Hi Nina, I am planning my trip to be there on this coming October 2019. I just would like to check with you how to go back from there. The ticket to Seoul need to bought from lldong bus terminal or both return ticket have to buy at Seoul bus terminal ?

    1. Hi dear, as you know the bus ticket I bought separately. Actually, I do bought the bus ticket at the Dongseoul Bus Terminal to go to Dolce Vita and back to Seoul I bought the bus ticket at Ildong Bus Terminal.

    2. Oh I See ! Thank you dear for your post and comment.It's more easier for us to know the way. btw, is it difficult to find the ticket counter in lldong bus terminal ?

    3. Nope. It's easy to find the counter bus ticket at the Ildong Bus Terminal. You also can ask people around there, I'm sure they will help you.