[Journal] After Firmware of Camera Fujifilm XT-10 Have Been Updated!

by - Wednesday, August 21, 2019

On early of June 2019, I was deciding to upgrade the firmware of my camera Fujifilm XT-10. That camera I was bought in December 2016 with great deals during the Christmas promotions. This is my first time trying the camera from the brand of Fujifilm and nowadays I love the final results of photography even I not yet master of this camera. I think most of the photos in my blog and Instagram is taken by the camera Fujifilm XT-10, start in January 2017 until now. The reason I bought this camera is mirrorless camera; less weight rather than DSLR camera; small; easy to carry everywhere; and also the JPEG photos is the BEST for me. It is a perfect camera for me, especially during the traveling moments. 

Recently, something happened to this camera while I'm traveling to Australia last September 2018. I knew this camera does not have the weather sealing function like Fujifilm camera X-T1, X-T2, X-T3 and related with it; but it does work well during my trip to Seoul, Gangwon, Gyeonggi, and Jeju Island, Korea on last December 2017, even it has the temperature drop to -6ºC. Everything was nice, and the photos were great with some snows. 

But nowadays this camera does not work well on my trip to Sydney and Melbourne, Australia on last September 2018. It happens in Melbourne, Australia when the temperature likes between 15ºC to 10ºC and my camera can't ON even when I try to take some photos on those moments, it takes times to focus. I have to keep my camera in a warm place before me using back again. Even I keep the silica gel in my camera bag but it does not help at that moment. Its does scare me because most of the time while I'm traveling; I will bring this camera with me to takes most of the moments. 

I do love this camera so much, that why I try to find the reason to fix it. Then, I'm going back to the camera shop that I bought this camera and I explain to them. They suggest to me to update the firmware of this camera but it comes with the services fee which is RM 150 – just to update the firmware of this camera. I don't know how to the other camera shop but it's a little bit expensive to me even they don't promise the problems with be solved after update the firmware. 

The impact after update the firmware is just making it a little bit fast focus system rather than before. I do not know it will give a big impact. Then, before I will go the long holiday again during the winter season on this November until December 2019 – I am going to give a shot trying of this camera after updating the firmware. I play around with it while my trip to Genting Highland, Pahang in this July 2019. I notice the temperature in Genting Highland is not low as I expected, so I do not really can experiment this camera well. I'm just hope everything is going fine during my long trip soon on the end of this year with this camera. 

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