[Travel] 2 Days 1 Night Trip to Genting Highlands, Malaysia in July 2019

by - Monday, August 12, 2019

I want to travel to Genting Highlands, Pahang, Malaysia again but my work's schedule does not allow me to do so. Then, something was happening. I'm a fast makeup travel plan with my family as soon I think we need time to release our stress. I knew that new Swiss Garden Hotel & Residence Genting Highlands was open on 20 July 2019; I straight made a reservation room on 27 July 2019 (Saturday) until 28 July 2019 (Sunday) [2 days 1 night] – just after 1 week, the hotel was opening. It's just nice short holiday planning, right? Even it's just a domestic trip but it's does help us to release our stress. 

The journey from Kuala Lumpur to Genting Highland, Pahang is taken around 50 minutes by taxi. It's not far from Kuala Lumpur and its just nice short trip to us. Once we arrived at the new Swiss Garden Hotel & Residence Genting Highlands around noon, I straight go to reception for the check-in room process and we're allowed to early check-in room since the room is available. It's such a nice new hotel. The deluxe room hotel with king bed size is quite big and nice. 

Since this hotel is still new so they not yet provide the shuttle bus. We're needed to use the Grab apps to make a booking to going the Genting Premium Outlets from the hotel. It's our first time going to the Genting Premium Outlets. It's nice of Premium Outlets in Malaysia. Maybe at that time, we're going there on Saturday so it has a lot of people over there and it always has a long queue at some shops. 

The view from my room.

Then, we're going up to Awana Genting Highland by cable car or knew as Awana Skyway. The cable car fee of the standard gondola is RM 16.00 for adult (1 person) of return ticket. It's valid to 72 hours from the date purchase so that's mean you have 3 days period if you stay at Awana Genting Highland for using the return ticket of this standard gondola. It easy if you buy return ticket but the time we're going there, I do not imagine the people queue is super long and it's lead we to wait almost 1 hour just for taking the cable car on weekend.  Maybe next time, just paid extra for the express lane. I can't wait 1 hour more just to ride the cable car, like 15 minutes to 20 minutes to arrive on the top of Awana Genting Highland. 

Once, we've arrived at the Awana Genting Highland. I surprise the big mall in Genting Highland. It's will be nice if we can visit all the store in that mall but we have a short time so we're straight going to the Burger & Lobster Malaysia Restaurant. Again, we have to wait another 2 hours on long queue just for eating lobsters. It's because this restaurant is famous in this mall. I become speechless at this moment. 

After waiting 2 hours with patience, we're getting our place and also start to order our meals at the Burger & Lobster Malaysia Restaurant. We're order the Wild Live Lobster, The Original with Grilled with chips and salad (RM 168), Chilli Lobster server with signature brioche without chips and salad (RM 188), Fresh Juices of Orange – 2 (RM 19 each), and Soft Shells of Time Keeper (Black Tea, Calamansi Lime, Kafir Lime Leaf, & Plam Sugar) (RM 24). The total we're spending on this restaurant is around RM 487.40 including with tax. So far, the taste is delicious for us to enjoy lobster but I'm personally like the taste of lobster I was eat in Seoul Korea

The breakfast at the hotel.

This weekend make me tired just because of the long queue. Maybe next time, we try to go Genting Highland on the weekdays. I hope not to have a long queue anymore. Another point that I have to face on this trip is about the new hotel of our stay. I knew this hotel still new but I feel like always lead us of misunderstanding with the staff, regarding about process payment, shuttle bus, preparation of breakfast foods (like always empty and late to fill-up), and time of check-out room hotel. This is because the staffs did not have well knowledge about the system in management, even I understand their situation but it's lead me to piss me off. Even I'm one of SGIVC members but on this hotel, I was paid for 1 night. It does be like there are prepare well in this management hotel and always double-check in your side before asking directly to the guest. That's all my nice short vacation in Genting Highlands with my family. I am so excited about my next vacation trip. Soon…

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