[Beauty] Moonshot Honey Coverlet Stick Extreme Lipstick & Eyeshadow Palette

by - Monday, August 05, 2019

Moonshot is one of my Korea cosmetic brand's that I love so much and I never fail to buy some products while I back to Seoul, Korea. I was bought the Moonshot Honey Coverlet Stick Extreme Lipstick of color #906 – Rodeo Rose and #909 – Black Currant (3.5g each) with the price KRW 16,000 each (RM 59.20 each), and then Moonshot Honey Coverlet Eyeshadow Palette (9.5g) with the price KRW 24,000 (RM 88.80). All these Moonshot products, I was bought at the Moonshot Flagship Store, Myeongdong. Maybe some of things product is available at the Hermo website and Sephora Malaysia Store. 

The Moonshot Honey Coverlet Stick Extreme Lipstick is from the actress of Yoo In-Na Collection; which has a type of Blur 7 colors and Shines 3 colors. The Stick Extreme Blur type is sweet sensitivity soaking through the season mellowly. It softly penetrates and blushes the lips like watercolors. The Stick Extreme Blur main ingredient is Embossing Powder, by using embossing powder cover fine wrinkles naturally and increase adhesion with soft texture; and MuruMuru Seed Butter contains muru muru seed butter to keep moist skin and matt feeling while forming a protective effect. 

Blur effect that covers flaws by filling the lips fully and expresses soft colors that do not need a correction application. Soft velvet sliding by smooth slick texture applied gently over lips. Melting sherbet matt texture by applying the moment softly penetrates the lips like watercolors and the sherbet-typed lip that penetrates without heaviness. High moisturizing essence hidden between matt lips by increasing the content of moisturizing oil essence to provide a dry finish, but comfortable and moisturizing feeling without any pressure on the lips. Among the Stick Extreme Blur type colours are #901 – Take Off (Delicate Peach Beige), #902 – Petal Petal (Cool Pink Beige), #903 – Peach Hip (Peach-Colored Coral), #904 Baked Burn (Regular Orange Brown), #905 Scarlet (Warm Brick Red), #906 – Rodeo Rose (Rose Pink), and #907 – Deep Talk (Dark Rosy Deep Red). 

The Stick Extreme Shine type main ingredient is Shea Butter, immediately nourish to rough and dry lips with the high moisturizing effect of shea butter; and Hibiscus, hibiscus flowers extract (Vitamin C content is high) makes bright and lively lip make-up. Shine lipstick with a bright shine effect and a delicate color express that fills the lips thickly and transparently. The transparent luminous effect that shines beautifully on application smooth slick texture that shines to dry lips. Among the Stick, Extreme Shine type colors are #908 – Pretty Girl; #909 – Black Currant; and #910 – Actress. 

The Moonshot Honey Coverlet Eyeshadow Palette is also from the actress of Yoo In-Na Collection, which is only having 1 Palette (9.5g) by 10-colors eye shadow palette filled with sweet and soft colors like a cozy blanket. The main ingredient is Everlasting Powder, refined Everlasting Powder improves skin adhesion and maintains eye make-up for a long time without darkening; and Butter Coating Powder, apply Butter Coating Powder to make eye make-up easy with creamy and soft feeling were given with superior spreadability at the same time. It has 10 colors shades of tone on tone mood suitable for layering by warm and cool tones. Among the colors are (Pearl) Sweet Candle – Shimer Pink Beige, (Pearl) Firewood – Shimer Red Brown, Soft Pillow – Warm Beige, Warm Cashmere – Yellow Coral, Cinnamon Milk Tea – Ginger Beige, Nutty Brown – Soft Brown, Cream Tan – Pink Beige, Antique Rug – MEBB Pink, Dusty Rose – Rose Pink, and Rustic Chair – Deep Brown. This Moonshot Honey Coverlet Eyeshadow Palette is small size compared to existing pallets and simply put into the pouch. It is also can be easily carried out when going out of traveling; as simple as Shadow Pallet of TO GO size. I also like this collection packing with a simple and elegant design. I would like to give 4.8 stars out of 5 stars to these products. 

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