[Journal] Planner & Stationery From Korea That I Love

by - Friday, August 30, 2019

The most thing, I like to shopping while I'm traveling to Seoul, Korea is Korean books, planner, and some that related with Korean traditional; like Dojang Stamp 도장 (Korean Name Seal). The latest trip to Seoul, Korea in last January 2019 and I do a lot shopping the things I want to buy, meanwhile, these things are quite difficult to get in Malaysia sometimes. 

Most of the planner in Korea is look cute and beautiful to me. The average price I bought the planner in Korea is around KRW 1,000 ~ KRW 3,000 (RM 3.81 ~ RM 11.45). For me, the price is quite reasonable for the planner. Lately, I do curious about the Korean study clock. It looks cute and then I look around the Stationery Shop and Bookstore. I found it with the price is KRW 3,300 (RM 12.60) at the ArtBox Store. Yes, most shops I like to visit while I looking something like a planner or stationery is Korea Daiso and ArtBox Store. You'll understand when you visit the Korea Daiso and ArtBox Store. It does make you crazy. 

The last thing I want to share here is Dojang Stamp 도장 (Korean Name Seal). While I visited the Insadong Ssamziegil area – where the place I could find anything that related to Korean Traditional goods and also the goods from the local artists. The Dojang of my Korean name (니나 이나니 – Nina Enany) with the price is KRW 30,000 (RM 111.30). Maybe from some of you will see these things are pretty expensive but I love to have it as my collection of the Korean culture. 

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  1. I might end up spending all of my money if I go to Daiso

    1. It might be like that, even you already spending a lot. It might drag you to go Daiso again and again... Hihihi