[Travel] Hologram Concert of YG Family at Klive, 2014!

by - Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Hologram Concert?... First time, I was hearing about Hologram Concert in my life. Mostly I just knew about 3D Concert only. Now, technology in Korea already advance and I got chance to feel the new experience of Hologram Concert at Klive Lotte Fitin 9th Floor. 

But it’s bonus when I knew the Hologram Concert will performance artist from YG Entertainment; which are Psy, Big Bang, and 2NE1. A fantastic show with live dance performance and K-Pop star concert! Even though, there are not real but their look so real for me. 

The original ticket price is KRW 33,000 per person and the ticket for Klive can be purchased at the 9th floor, but during I go there I got discount promotion 20%. The duration of Hologram Concert is just around 15 minutes and its standing zone only.

There are also have KRUNK Gallery at Klive Lotte Fitin 9th Floor. YG and Klive’s first collaboration pop-up gallery is based on YG’s signature character, KRUNK, who has appeared in LeeHi’s “It’s Over” M/V last year. Swaggering blue bear, who supports the music, especially hip-hop, and culture, KRUNK is a big fan of junk food, urban street fashion and all the black things. 

Born as a Bad Boy, KRUNK has 2 different characteristic – a bluffing macho and a kidult. KRUNK has a high obsession with all kinds of food, and never say no to sweeties. Among zone in KRUNK Gallery are KRUNK Studio, KRUNK Locker Room, KRUNK MD, and KRUNK Café. 

I like to hangout at KRUNK Café with friends because the outside view from KRUNK Café so beautiful, especially during at night.

How to go there? It’s easy. Just take subway; Dongdaemun History & Culture Park Station (Line number 2, 4, 5) then takes exit number 11 and 12.

Bonus Here!!
Did you know about DDP or known as Dongdaemun Design Plaza? The Dongdaemun Design Plaza is just a cross the road of Lotte Litin. The night view of Dongdaemun Design Plaza was so beautiful.

Here, the information of Klive Lotte Litin:

Address: Klive Lotte Fitin 9F, 264, Eulji-ro Jung-gu Seoul, Korea.
Customer center: 02-7774-0810
Website: www.klive.co.kr & www.krunk.co.kr

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