[Travel] Luxury Street Fashion, NONA9ON & Rare Market in 2014.

by - Sunday, November 16, 2014

Did you familiar with these two brands of NONA9ON and Rare Market? I think this brand was so famous for you, who are obsession with Korean fashion or in fashion world. 

Korean entertainment giants YG Entertainment and Samsung announced a new joint fashion brand titled NONAGON (stylized NONA9ON) on 11 September 2014. NONA9ON will feature casual street wear for young people, a perfect demographic to target with icons like the one listed.  The line will be under YG and Samsung’s Cheil Industries, as a product of their joint venture “Natural Nine”. The NONAGON, a nine-sided polygon, was chosen the logo and title of the brand to represent diversity and growth. NONA9ON apparel will be available starting on 12 September 2014 in Seoul, then at pop-up stories in Milan, Shanghai and Hong Kong in 10 Corso Como stores. The goal is to have more pop-up stores around the world – although they didn’t mention any more specific countries. 

Rare Market is the brand of street fashion in Seoul, that own by Kwon Dami; which is a lot of people knows as G-Dragon’s sister. The Rare Market was named by G-Dragon himself, when they are hangout together. Rare Market has a unique taste of fashion style, even the store concept also looks so unique but it’s so beautiful. Kwon Dami are make the store into a place where she can have a meeting, put on displays and fashion shows, and have it open to everyone. Rare Market also selling a lot of brands in overseas at their stores. Sometimes their also make different seasons of fashions too. The location of Rare Market is around Gangnam area.

The address of Rare Market: 95-5 Cheongdam-dong, Seoul.
Official website: www.raremarket.com
Official instagram: raremarket_official

If you already follow the Rare Market instagram, they always update the latest fashion in their store, mostly everyday but now days; the official website is still under construction. 

At the first place, I just want to go Rare Market but I was so lucky when I saw the logo of NONA9ON after I go out from Apgujeong Rodeo Station (Line Bundang), exit 3. The store is just on my right side. I look all the fashion of NONA9ON, even the fashion is not so many but the style always awesome.

I take lunch at Café De Mie before go to Rare Market store, because it’s so near for each others. This restaurant’s concept is so nice and French style. 

When you come to Seoul, you have to buy something from these two brands; which is NONA9ON and Rare Market for your collection. 

What yours favorites brand, when you come to Seoul?

If anyone want to know the direction to go Rare Market, you can directly email to me.

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