[Travel] Wonderful Autumn at Seoul with YGE Tour, 2014.

by - Wednesday, November 12, 2014

This time, I got chance to feel holiday at Seoul, Korea in autumn season. Even though, this is just early autumn season at Seoul, but I already can feel the feeling of autumn during my holiday. 

Everything turns so beautiful with red leaves on the trees along the park at Olympic Park.

Among the places that I never miss to visit when I go to Seoul, Korea; which are YG Entertainment and Twosome+ Studio Café by Teddy at Hongdae. 

Again~ I meet some Japanese friends or known as JVIP at in front of YG Entertainment. I love to meet international VIP, especially at in front of YG Entertainment.

Here, the link of the direction to go YG Entertainment click here.

I take chance breakfast at Twosome+ Studio Café by Teddy. The breakfast set meal was so delicious and suit to my taste with wonderful environment. This café was make I remember during hard time I was study for degree in accounting at my university in Malaysia; because in this café you can see they are have a lot of students university was there to make their assignment with their friends together. 

For your information, now Twosome+ Studio already opens 24 hours everyday so you can hangout there anytime you want.

Here, the link of the direction to go Twosome+ Studio by Teddy click here.

Bonus to me!!! During the duration I was holiday at Seoul, iKon was make the global fan meeting at Seoul. This time I also get chance to go the iKon Global Fan Meeting in Seoul on 17 October 2014. This iKon fan meeting is free so you can imagine how many people was queue to watch this fan meeting?... even thought it’s quite cool but I feel so wonderful after meet iKon members. I miss them so much!!! 

Wah!! Did I have strong faith with YGE new artists? That is because I was keep have chance to meet them at Seoul; especially to Winner and iKon members. They already had stolen my heart. Special to Yoon~ we always have same taste in fashion’s style. 

How your experience with your KPOP artists at Seoul?

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