[Travel] Love Waffle at AND. Here Café, 2014.

by - Sunday, November 23, 2014

Among my favorite café when I go holiday at Seoul; which is AND. Here Café, that own by Seungri from members’ Big Bang. The special menu at And. Here Café is the waffle. I like their waffle; it’s so delicious. 

The café looks extraordinary from the outside. The vintage container building looks fantastic. The different concepts for the 1st and 2nd floor give a wide variety of choice for everyone to choose and sit. The tables are arranged with wide gaps, which make everyone feel comfortable talking without feeling your conversation might be heard by others. 

It is also great if you want to sit alone and read a book because there are the spaces like small libraries. As it is run by Seungri’s mother and sister, you can see photos or artwork of Big Bang members on windows and mirrors. There is a spacious place on the 2nd floor for band music performance.

The information of AND. Here Café: 

Address: 90, Dongsung-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Korea.
Tel. no.: 02-324-8464
Official website: www.andhere.co.kr
Official instagram: andhere01 | AND.here Café 

Subway Station: Hyehwa Station, Exit 1.

Here the direction to go AND. Here Café:

1. Come out from exit 1 and make U turn on your right.

2. Walk straight around 80 meters and you will saw the alley on your left of the “21” signboard, then you turn left thru that alley.

3. Walk straight until you see the “Subway” restaurant and the stone stairs on your left. 

4. Just walk thru the stone stairs, and walk straight to the peek until you see the 1st junction. Then turn right after you saw the “Finger Boost” restaurant.

5. Walk straight for 50m and AND. Here Café is on your left.

It's a nice place to hangout and chitchat with friends when come to Seoul, especially for VIP. Don't miss to come to AND.here Café and try their special waffle... 

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