[Journal] Some Lessons from Entries Year in 2014…

by - Wednesday, November 26, 2014

In year 2014, I was learning many things in my life; which is from good and bad too. Most of peoples wouldn’t forget what was happen to them; especially when its effect to their life. I not a perfect person because I also a normal person too – who are make a mistake sometimes. Before I want to say goodbye as official to close my book in year 2014 and welcoming new book in year 2015, I just want to share my experience to someone in here; if someone have been thru the same stories like me. I hope this lessons not been repeated in the future anymore. This story was affecting my life at the first place but now I can handle it well, after I got big support from my family and close friend – who are trust me from their heart. The most of bad situations in my life is I have been slander from someone that I thought they are my friends even we just meet from beginning. This story was happen on last year but last a few months ago before I went to Seoul, Korea; I got the truth. It’s was unexpected to me. 

The story was beginning like this… I know someone in social networking, when I know they also share same interest with me so I thought we will be good friends after we are meeting. Then, I help them in many things and from the first place, I not mind with that because we are friend. I know my weakness is easy to trust people even I just meet them. Yes, from the beginning everything was fine. One day, they were make one event; which is buying the ticket concert for some peoples in their fan club and they ask me to help them, so it’s been good in the first place until their management got problem. Then, they ask me to help them by using my good name to make a loan from bank. This loan amount is almost RM 30,000. It’s quite huge amount to me so after I ask a few peoples advise for me about this, they told me to don’t do it for my good. I told them that I can’t help them in good way. After that, they really got problem with short money, plus I don’t sure how they manage it. 

Actually, from the beginning of that event was started – I don’t sure how they are working because everything is up and down. When I ask them to double check all the financial statements, I don’t know that they are really double check or not. Then, I withdraw my name from that event or another words, they are withdraw my name from that event. I give everything of their things that I hold before, even though I ask them to meet me, they don’t want to answer my call, or massages. They ask someone to meet me for take all their things from me. During that time, my mom is the witness. She saw everything and she was a little bit disappointed with them of what they are doing to me, since my mom knows them. 

After that, I not hear any news from them directly. I know they are talking the bad things on my back and blame me for what was happen to among their friends until someday, someone from their friends take the brave move to ask me directly about this situation. This person was feel they were should hear the stories on my side too and they were told me, what was happening to them. They have been thru same situation like me too. Now, they believe my truth stories of my side and they also know who are fault in this stories. They also knew their attitude after what was happen to them. 

Since I always traveling in many countries, that don’t mean I was use someone money for that. They were told to their friends that I took the money for that first event. Hello!!!~ I never took anyone money! I was working fulltime as an accountant, and everyday I make saving for my traveling with my own money. I work hard to achieve what I want by my own.  I not take anyone money as their said about me to someone… hmmmm… normally, someone is took my money for their advantage…borrows my money and never return back to me… Even thought, these stories are already been 1 year but I just want to tell the stories on my side.  At the first place, I just take silent actions so they keep update the status about me and blame me for that until today. Now, it’s time for me to take action, since I knew my blog is quite popular and they keep stalker me in all my social networking, include twitter, facebook, instagram, and blog.

Then, they make another event after that first trouble event; which is selling the CD album. I know they are easy gain trust from other peoples, who still believe them until someday it’s also not going well; which is some people already get their CD (late received) or refund, but I know still have some people not yet get anything from them even the CD or refund. I can think the logic reasons, what they will do for thru this bad situation. Hmmmm~ same like before… Now, I not sure how many people have been misguided from them. I hope their will get back their refund from them soon – who are misguided of buy CD album from them. I also hope they will return back the money to someone that they are borrowing before. Just think, what’s make you have so many trouble in the business you are doing? Not just always thinks other people fault or blame it to other innocent peoples, just thinks what is your own fault, even thought you already make so many event after me and your friends left from your group.. Just think about it…

After these bad things happened, I totally withdraw my name from their group forever. My life was turn so great without them in my life anymore. I was feeling not regretted when they are not my friends. That why, in this year; I was been traveling in so many places in different countries. I don’t care what their friends want to said about me because I don’t know them and they don’t know the truth stories about it. Only a few peoples like my parents and close friend are know the truth about it. That was enough to me. What they want to say about me… I don’t care!! Even though, I already forgive them for what’s was they do for me, but that don’t mean they have to be my friends again. I hope I don’t meet people like this anymore on my life.

After this lesson, I was learning to fix up my weakness so someone can’t take advantage from me anymore. If someone have been thru like this, just let’s go even it’s hard to accepted it. Someday yours life will be wonderful when you are in the truth side. Trust me… Now, I know how to different between the true or fake friendship. When you got friends, who are always beside you in no matters what happen, even it’s in good or bad situations; that is mean you are already have the true friendship. Kindly, take care of this person because it’s hard to get in this century. I already found my true friendship and I hope our friendship will be like this forever. I think you can guess who is this person, right? She always was traveling with me, especially to Seoul. We have been traveling together almost 2 years, since 2013. She always trust and support me in no matters what was I have been thru in my life. She also always understands my thought. That why, we are can be BEST friends, since we are meet on 27 October 2012 until today. That is all my stories of lessons in year 2014.

Live simply| Dream big| Be grateful| Give love| Laugh lots| Your life will be WONDERFUL… Now I can feel great to welcoming a new book of 2015… 

How about your lessons from the entries year in 2014? 

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