[Lifestyle] After A Few Months Study Back the Korean Language

by - Wednesday, October 09, 2019

The last topic I talk about Study Korean Back by Myself in May 2018. It is been a while, I did not update the status of my Korean Language study. It's quite difficult to study the Korean language by myself since me not good to manage time for study.  So what's the progress of my study? Hmm… nothing. Can I say like that? But it's the reality. The day I post this topic is the Hangeul Proclamation (9 September 2019 – Wednesday) in South Korea. So I take this opportunity to share my progress about my Korean study even it's not much.

At this point, the Korean Books that I have been using for study are Korean Grammar in Use Beginner, The Korean Verbs Guide Vol. 1 & 2, and My Weekly Vocabulary Book 1 & 2. Sometimes, I also read some of Korean books story like Winnie the Pooh (Korean Edition) 곰돌이 푸, 행복한 일은 매일 있어, and 곰돌이 푸, 서두르지 않아도 괜찮아. I created the three (3) notebooks for this Korean study; which is the first notebook for Korean Grammar in Use Beginner; second notebook for The Korean Verbs Guide Vol. 1 & 2, and My Weekly Vocabulary Book 1 & 2, and the last notebook for Winnie the Pooh (Korean Edition) 곰돌이 푸, 행복한 일은 매일 있어 and 곰돌이 푸, 서두르지 않아도 괜찮아.

I'm feeling comfortable by writing the point that I understand in the notebooks while I study using these books. For me, writing it does make me remember and understand what do I have been to study about it. It takes time but it's the way I can remember easily by writing down in the notebooks, rather than typing. I try my best to write the point that easy to understand in my way.

Then, the most important thing is time management for a person like me; which is I'm working full-time and I don't have much time to study even after work. So what can I do? I have to plan well my study plan, for example like 30 minutes to study every day. If I can't do so, I have to cover back my time on the weekend. Normally, I have time on the weekend but sometimes many things or activities on the weekend that make me not have time to study. Even though my enemy is time management but I do try to study back Korean language by myself; it takes time since I'm taking almost 5 years not continue to study the Korean language. 

This is my story after a few months of study back the Korean language. How's about you? Share your story in the comment down, below. I'm excited to hear it. 

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