[Beauty] Some By Mi Snail Truecica Miracle Repair Serum

by - Monday, October 07, 2019

It is not my first time to hear the name of Korean skincare brand of SOME BY MI. The brand of SOME BY MI is already in the Malaysia market. Among the store that sells the brand of SOME BY MI is Play Up Advanced Store in Bukit Bintang and online store like Hermo website, Shopee website, Althea website, and KBeautyOriginal website. I do curious about the latest product of SOME BY MI, which is Snail Truecica Miracle Repair Serum (50ml) after watching the video of this product. But this latest product of SOME BY MI not yet available in Play Up Advanced Store in Bukit Bintang. It is only available in the online store of KBeautyOriginal website, Hermo website, and Shopee website; which is the place I bought this product thru KBeautyOriginal website by COD (cash on delivery – just within 1 day in Kuala Lumpur area) with the price is RM 90.00. 

The SOME BY MI Snail Truecica Miracle Repair Serum is a Mucin essence, which contains 89% of Snail Truecica™, which provides powerful skin energy through the combination of self-sustaining black Snail and SOME BY MI™ own Truecica technique. So it calms skin sensitive to external irritation and stress, strengthens skin's natural strength by caring for skin problems. A dermatologist named Fernando Bascunan analyzed this carefully and found that mucin, the snail's slime which generates when the snail is hurt, can regenerate snail's damaged skin cells and broken shell. Black Snail's mucin holds the potent skin-healing regenerative power up to 6 months to last through the winter sleep. That why, SOME BY MI stick to using only Black Snail among many snails; which is Snail Truecica™ 890,000pp. (Black Snail 880,000ppm and Truecica™ 10,000ppm). 

The light and moist texture of the serum smears quickly into the skin without stickiness. It's a clear liquid type serum, holding moisture and nutrient, fast absorb like water. It's not oily or sticky so it can be used throughout all seasons. It also contains naturally-derived ingredients that comfortable on sensitive skin; like Saga Extracts (Herbal Medine and Sensitive Skin Soothing – smoothing effect on weak and damaged skin), Willow Bark Extract (Natural BHA Ingredient and Dead Skin Cells Care – Melting care of dead skin cells make sure Snail Truecica's active ingredient absorbs well into skin), and Allantoin (Moisturization, Regeneration, and Barrier Fortifying – Cell generation on scars without irritation). The Hypoallergenic for Healthy Skin and it is free of 20 caution-needed ingredients. SOME BY MI put the best effort to take out skin-irritation ingredients and created serum with honest product integrity. 

It's easy to use this product; after the use of toner, apple serum across the face and let it absorb. (TIP – apply multiple layers of moisture serum based on your skin type). So far, I do use this product for two months and I saw my pimples scars are slowly recovering. My skin becomes smooth and also fewer pores. I do recommend to those have deep acne marks, scar marks left on the face, skin became more sensitive due to external irritants and stress, oily skin outside but dry skin inside, and also those looking for a matte fresh serum that is not sticky. I would like to give 4.9 stars out of 5 stars for this product. This product is good combo with SOME BY MY Bye Bye Blackhead 30 Days Miracle Green Tea Tox Bubble Cleanser. I will repurchase this product when I got great deals. 

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