[Beauty] Innisfree Jeju Pomegranate Revitalizing Toner

by - Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Last June 2019, I was updated the story about shopping for some new products of Innisfree; which is Innisfree Jeju Pomegranate Revitalizing Line. This new line product just launched in Malaysia Innisfree Store about a few months ago. Just in this post, I would like to write a small part review of these new line products of Innisfree; which is Innisfree Jeju Pomegranate Revitalizing Toner (200ml) with the normal price is RM 86.00.

The Innisfree Jeju Pomegranate Revitalizing Toner is a gel-type toner formulated with Jeju pomegranate juice and seed oil that provides instant hydration to your skin. The texture absorbs well onto your skin, for smooth and vitalized skin without leaving any stickiness.

Innisfree's new Jeju Pomegranate Revitalizing line is made with Jeju pomegranate grown through the use of pure water, clean air, and natural fertilizer on the pristine Jeju Island. The antioxidant concentration of pomegranate seeds is 3.4 times more compared to its flesh, while the peel itself has 10.4 times more to provide effective anti-aging and brightening benefits to your skin. Thus, our Jeju pomegranate is squeezed as a whole without any artificial processing to deliver the full benefits to skin for a youthful glow from within. 

The scent of this product is nice with fresh pomegranate scents. It does do make me feeling relax meanwhile I do apply this toner on my face. I have been using 3 weeks of this product; I use a few drops for my whole face and tap all the way. I noticed my skin getting brighter, glow, and smoother after 3 weeks of usage. It works on tired skin and I like the way of this toner's work. I would like to give 4.3 stars out of 5 stars for this product. 

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