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by - Sunday, June 03, 2018

This is the first time; I bought the luxury tea from TWG Tea Store at Changi International Airport. What do can I say? Shopping is the great activities for me when we're waiting for our flight to going back home. Actually, I not really the fan of TWG Tea but my sister say to me; it's a great deal of TWG Tea so I take this chance to buy some of the TWG Tea Collection and we're also entitled to get the Tax Free too. I spend almost SGD 191 (RM 565.35) but I can't remember each price of the tea I bought because my mom lost the receipt. 

These are the luxury tea I bought at the TWG Tea Store. 
  1. TWG ALWAYS SAKURA TEA (Limited Edition) (100g) (Normal Price: SGD 40.00 or RM 118.40) (Tea Variety: Green Teas & Exclusive Tea Blends) – The end of winter, heralded by the arrival of the first buds of spring, is celebrated in this marvelous green tea. Blended with notes of cherry and sweet blossoms, this tea yields a fresh and elegant infusion. 
  2. TWG PINK FLAMINGO TEA (7 x 7g Iced Teabags) (Normal Price: SGD 35.00 or RM 103.60) (Tea Variety: Green Teas & Exclusive Tea Blends) – A graceful TWG Tea blend of green tea with crimson hibiscus blossoms that will brighten your day. This quirky mélange infuses into a rose-colored cup with tart, fruity overtones. 
  3. TWG SINGAPORE BREAKFAST TEA (100g) (Normal Price: SGD 40.00 or RM 118.40) (Tea Variety: Green Teas & Black Teas) – This noble TWG Tea Breakfast blend is evocative of the sophisticated harmony of Singapore. Boasting a natural blend of green tea, black tea, rich vanilla and rare spices. This tea yields a complex flavor with a sweet and lingering aftertaste. 
  4. TWG WEEKEND TEA SET (BOX OF 3) (3 x 50g) (Normal Price: SGD 90.00 or RM 266.40) – Perfectly packaged for any traveler's fantasy, the Weekend Tea Collection spotlights ten distinctive blends, each exhibited in curated, travel-sized, 50g tins sold in gift boxes and sleeves in any combination of 2, 3 or 5 tins. These exclusive creations conveniently epitomize the luxury of travel while exhibiting TWG Tea's stunning artistry. 
  • TWG WEEKEND IN SINGAPORE TEA (50g) (2 tins) – A tribute to the garden city, this exquisite black tea is embellished with tart red fruits, a fragrant hint of anise and notes of sweet caramel, yielding a complex bouquet. A voyage of the senses.
  • TWG WEEKEND IN ISTANBUL TEA (50g) (1 tin) – This exquisite mélange of green tea, black tea, and white tea perfectly unites the spicy favors of an array of gingers and the sweetness of juicy orchard fruits. 
That's all I bought the TWG Teas at the TWG Tea Store in Changi International Airport. I'm excited to try these teas soon…  

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  1. They all look delicious! I like your blog! :)


    1. I not try yet but I'll try it soon. Thanks so much for visit my blog. ^^