[Book] Dheo's By Anjell

by - Friday, June 08, 2018

I do love reading, but rarely do I make a review of the book I have finish reading. Maybe I should make a review of the book I have finish reading as many as I can in future. On last month, I bought the books of Dheo's at the International Book Fair 2018, PWTC. This book was written by Anjell and it's in the Malay language. I took 2 days to finish reading this book. The normal price of this book is RM 28.00, but I got discount and the price after discount is RM 23.00. 

As you know this novel is in Malay language but I would like to write the review of it in the English language. Most of Malay novel always have a happy ending and the different about the story is the storyline. This Dheo's Malay Novel is about the story between a man, who is known as Dheo Han and a lady, who is known as Nurissa Rose Binti Noriman. The lady of Nurissa Rose got lost memory after an accident and her also coma in the hospital almost 1 year. She does not remember most of her memory. Everything changed after her father passes away and on that moment, she meets the guy, who is the name of Dheo Han. This guy's character is mysteries. It's different if to compare with the lady of Nurissa Rose. The story is beginning between of them after that, when Nurissa Rose do not have the choice to work with Dheo Han and the background of Dheo Han make the story become a little bit to thriller. 

For me, this storyline of Dheo's Malay Novel is quite interesting with the sweet love line and some of thriller part in this story. I don't want to tell the whole story of this novel because it's more fun if you read it by yourself. I give a little but a clue of this story is related to the gangster and the rest of the story, you should read the novel. Honestly, the character of Dheo Han makes me an image of he is the great guy and what's he does just for protecting the women he is love, even in some part you never know about it until he tells you. It's sweet, right? I would like to give the 3.5 stars out of 5 stars to this Malay Novel. 

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