[Book] Urusan Cinta Elena & Tuah by Hannah Ezaty

by - Wednesday, June 27, 2018

I do love reading, but rarely do I make a review about the book I have finish reading. So I try to write a review about the book have been finished reading, and start this year I slowing update the book review. On last two month ago, I bought the books of Urusan Cinta Elena & Tuah at the International Book Fair 2018, PWTC. This book was written by Hannah Ezaty and it's in the Malay language. I took 2 days to finish reading this book. The normal price of this book is RM 24.00, but I got discount and the price after discount is RM 19.00. 

As you know this novel is in Malay language but I would like to write the review of it in the English language. Most of Malay novel always have a happy ending and the different about the story is the storyline and the conflicts in every novel. 

For me, this storyline is about the meeting between Elena and Tuah is not something that is designed. In the wrong situation and time, they get acquainted. "Why did you interacting with my household matters?" – TUAH. "Excuse me? After that, you too... Why interfere with my life? "– ELENA. Elena's daring. The arrogant of Elena. But Tuah still likes! Tuah's words are considered a joke. Where might be the first day, Tuah asking Elena to get married to him? Looks like the head of Tuah is crazy or something wrong! "What's your name?" – TUAH. "I am Elena Amir. Just call me El." – ELENA. "El, if I ask you to get married to me... Do you want to?" – TUAH. "Crazy!" – ELENA. 

However, Elena was feeling restless when Tuah disappeared after her proposal was rejected. Elena feels curious and confuse! And... She's drowned in the ocean of miss! Elena stunned when suddenly Tuah's man appeared at the time she was longing, but in front of her was no longer rebounding hair-like model in shampoo and fashion ads like hipster boys. But... "Maigaaddd! Is he like that? He's so why? Do not know me anymore!" – Elena. Elena is wrong! Is it true that it is Tuah or just a figment of the people? 

Not yet finish about the mention of confusion about Tuah. Suddenly, Nina is a pretty sweet, annoying of Chef Mike, the dreadful of Datin Maria and Nisrina, who make Elena's life increasingly shrewd? Who are they? What do they do with Tuah? Is the man exactly the CEO that Tuah is the man who appears and loses his liking for Elena's life? There is a secret to be explored. There is a sense that needs to be broken down. What Elena knows the matter needs to be resolved as soon as possible! Indeed, our love affair will never end... – TUAH.

I don't want to tell the whole story of this novel because it's more fun if you read it by yourself. So far, after I finish reading this novel – it's making me feel this person's life so complicated. Am I not sure it's the real-life story of another people? If it exists in real world, I truly feel sorry about that and I hope my real true love story was not this such as complicated. I would like to give the 3 stars out of 5 stars to this Malay Novel. 

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