[Beauty] Round A' Round Skincare 라운드어라운드

by - Wednesday, April 25, 2018

I notice this brand of Round A'Round Green Tea Skincare is from Hermo's website on last year. This brand is from Korea and its makes I feel would to try it, especially Hermo gives a great deal of this brand. Among the products I bought from Hermo are Round A'Round Greentea Pure Cleansing Form (150 ml) (RM 32.50), Round A'Round Greentea Skin Serum (100 ml) (RM 74.00), and Round A'Round Relief Moisture Cream (50 ml) (RM 65.00) [Free with the Round A'Round Mist Toner (100 ml)].  

As you know, my skin type is the combination but it's will change by weather or some unexpected situation. Then, I would like to start to make the review of the Round A'Round Greentea Pure Cleansing Form (150 ml). The main ingredients of this product are green tea. It's for refreshing hydration, soothing effect, and moisture/oil balance control. The mild acidity of pH 5.5 – 6.5 is the pH level of the healthy skin. The scent looks like tea and I like the form type cleansing. So far, I like this product and it's making my skin look refreshes after use it. I also use it as double cleansing after removing makeup on my face (evening only) on daily basis and normal cleansing in the morning. 

After cleansing, I would like to use the Round A'Round Mist Toner (100 ml). It prepares skin for deep moisturizing and boosting effect for next step. It's easy to use, just spray directly on the face then tap gently for it's absorbed well. Its have 87% of green tea water. The scent of green tea is made I feel refresh, especially in the morning. Normally, I like it use in both rooms after the shower. It gives the cooling and soothing effect.

Then, I will move the next step of the Round A'Round Greentea Skin Serum (100 ml). It contains good ingredients, adds freshness, relieves the burden and worries and soothes green tea moisturizing line. It contains 64% of green tea water for soothing care, skin care boosting and oil and moisture balancing care. The texture of the gel type serum is light, moisture sense and its good absorb on my face. 

Lastly, the final step is the Round A'Round Relief Moisture Cream. The moisturizing gel cream is containing natural water from green tea for calming and refreshes effects. It's also got lightly applied but moisture lasts long. Personally, for me, this green tea skincare line is good for who had the dry skin. It's because this product gives the moisturizing effects on your skin. So far, I do not have allergic effect or acne after using this product. I like it but me not sure I will repurchase because I still have a lot of products to try it. I would like to give 3.5 stars out of 5 stars. 

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