[Beauty] Innisfree – My Hair Recipe Strength Tonic Essence

by - Thursday, April 12, 2018

On a few months ago, I went to South Korea for holiday with my family as you know, I already finish update the stories under Trend Korea. I never miss part shopping when I traveling to South Korea. One of my favorite skincare brands is Innisfree. I notice the new Innisfree hair care product is My Hair Recipe Strength Tonic Essence (100 ml) for weak hair roots. Another word is for who have problems with hair fall. The price is KRW 12,000 (RM 45.60). This product is not yet coming in Malaysia's Innisfree Stores.

The main indigents in this product are Jeju-native Pine, Cedar, Cypress Trees, Saponin of Ginseng. The Jeju Pine, Cedar, and Retinispore tree is to relieve the stress of the scalp. It's to make the scalp healthy. The Saponin of ginseng is for helps stimulate circulation of scalp and strengthen roots of the hair. The way to use is easy. Just shake before use, and then sprinkle an appropriate amount on the scalp. It is absorbed by tapping like a message with your fingers. The convenient mist type provides the immediate refreshing effect for the scalp while leaving it with a fresh finish.

I like the way of immediate refreshing effect. Normally, I apply the My Hair Recipe Strength Tonic Essence on daily basis; which is after I shampoo my hair. I just apply it when my hair is semi wets and dry. Then, I just let my hair dry naturally. So far, I can see the difference after using it. My hair is still fall, especially when it's wetted but the amount is not like many as before. I would like to give the stars out of 4 stars over 5 stars overall. I'm sure; I will repurchase this product again when it's in Innisfree Store in Malaysia or when i get chance to going back my second hometown.

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