[Journal] 5th Years Anniversary!

by - Tuesday, January 03, 2017

I think it's not yet late to wish Happy New Year 2017 to everyone, especially to my blog reader. What was happen on last years is become the stories even its sweet or pain. Try to take it as a lesson for in future. Let's make the new stories in 2017 become more awesome than last year.

As a new year comes, I never miss getting the beautiful calendar 2017 from Korea Tourism Organization. I start to receive the calendar from the year 2013 until this year. Thanks KTO for the great calendar.

Congratulation to blog Nina Neulrin!!! It's already 5 years I write my memories in this blog. At the same time, I had been a blogger within 5 years too. Time is going so fast. This journey is sometimes is easy and also sometimes is tough too. Thanks to my family and close friends, who always support me.

On last year, I just share some stories about my life as a blogger since 2013. So this year, I would like to make some special to my lovely blog readers. I was happy to send the wonderful blog postcard to who will give me your address thru my email. I will send the postcard to you after I receive your address.

I make 6 different designs of these postcards just for all of you. Let's give me your address thru my email lee.enany@gmail.com  and then I will send this postcard to you.

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