[Travel] Joyful Trip to Japan in Autumn, 2016 (Day 5)

by - Monday, January 23, 2017

Let's begin my travelogue episode 5 (08 November 2016 – Tuesday) about my trip to Japan with my sister. On this day, we move from Osaka to Kyoto. We're also staying 1 night in Kyoto, Japan. After we are check-out from Shin-Osaka Youth Hostel, we are straight riding the JR Train from Shin-Osaka Station to Kyoto Station with our luggage by using ICOCA card. It's because we need to save our time since our schedule is up and down again. Actually, we can use the 3 Days Kansai Thru Pass from Shin-Osaka Station to Kyoto Station but our luggage is so heavy. That why, we decide to ride JR Line Train and it's also saving our time too.

Then, we check-in our next hostel at Piece Hostel Kyoto. Actually, I like this hostel rather another hostel during this trip. The architectural of this building look simple, modern, and minimal.

The Piece Hostel Kyoto staff is also friendly and nice. No wonder, most the guest at Piece Hostel Kyoto is the tourist like us. Overall, I love it so much.

This is the second time we're going to Kyoto, Japan but we still have many places that not finish exploring in Kyoto, Japan. Our next destination is Fushimi-Inari Taisha Shrine. We're start using the 3 Days Kansai Thru Pass after we arrive at Kyoto, Japan.

Fushimi-Inari Taisha (伏見稲荷大社) is the head shrine of Inari, located in Fushimi-ku Kyoto, Japan. The shrine sits at the base of a mountain also named Inari which is 233 meters above sea level, and includes trails up the mountain to many smaller shrines which span 4 kilometers and takes approximately 2 hours to walk up.

Since early Japan, Inari was seen as the patron of business, and merchants and manufacturers have traditionally worshiped Inari. Each of the torii at the Fushimi Inari Taisha is donated by a Japanese business. First and foremost, though, Inari is the god of rice. This popular shrine is said to have as many as 32,000 sub-shrines (bunsha (分社) throughout Japan.

Along the roads to go the Fushimi-Inari Taisha Shrine, I saw many shops that sell many things; which are like Japanese foods, souvenirs and more. The price is quite reasonable to me. I bought a lot of souvenirs at there for some families and friends.

We're continuing our journey to the Nishiki Market. The Nishiki Market (錦市場 Nishiki Ichiba) is a marketplace in downtown Kyoto. It is located on a road one block north and parallels to Shijo Street (四条通 Shijō-dōri) and the west of Teramachi Street (寺町通 Teramachi-dōri). Rich with history and tradition, the market is renowned as the place to obtain many of Kyoto's famous foods and goods.

What do can I say? These markets are quite clean and organize to me. Maybe, I will always go to market on every weekend if the market likes this in my place. But I think I need to wait after 5 years to me saw like this in future.

Before we arrived at the Nishiki Market, we're getting lost again. So my sister asks someone just pass by us to ask the direction to Nishiki Market. She is so kind to us when she is willing to show the direction and take us personally until we arrived at in front the Nishiki Market. 

Sometimes we're feeling guilty and sorry for them when we think that we're put them in trouble. Especially, if they are willing to take us to those places as personally when we show the reactions of not understanding the direction that they told to us. Even they just know a little bit English, but they are trying hard to help us until we arrive at the place we're looking. That why I am not worried about getting lost in Japan because all the Japanese people are kind. I'm so touching with what they do for tourist. 

We're taken a rest at the Kit Kat Chocolate N Café Daimaru Kyoto Shop for tea time. It is just located at the Daimaru Kyoto Department Store on the B1 floor. Only a few block from Nishiki Market. I take coffee latté and it's come together with Kit Kat Chocolate. The price is JPY 345. It's so good and nice to hot a little bit our body.

Since we're skipping our lunch, of course, we're feeling so hungry. So we are straight going to the Naritaya Halal Yakiniku (Japanese BBQ). It's located around Shimbashi in Gion, Kyoto, Japan and just beside Ramen Narita-ya Kyoto Store in Gion.

This restaurant offers the safety Halal products and 100% Halal Japanese beef to their customers. They also have the variety of meals in the menu that related with BBQ. If you like something different along with your trips to Japan, I think you should try eating at this restaurant when you go to Kyoto, Japan. They also have pray room (small surau) for Muslim customers. 

I forget what's the menu of we choose but it's so delicious. The price is around JPY 5,940. Yes, it is a little bit expensive but I think we should try something different during our trip to Japan. It's not always like that, right? We also get the chance to take the picture with some staff of the Naritaya Halal Yakiniku Restaurant. They are so nice and friendly.

After dinner, we visit the Shimbashi in Gion. It is the famous location of Geisha and scenic view bridge. Since its raining and dark because of night time on those moments, so our pictures do not really turn well. This place looks beautiful, especially in daytime. Maybe next time, I will get the beautiful photo at that place. 

Actually, we do not imagine that the temperature during our trip to Japan mostly below 15'C on daytime. I think worst is during night time and after raining. Next time, when we will going some place on around early November – for sure, we'll prepare something like winter clothes because we're not really familiar with super cool temperature like what's happen in Japan. It's because we're staying in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and this place is always hot on every day. 

We're so tired and cool on that day, and then we back to the hostel. We need to start packing again for our last stop in Tokyo, Japan. 

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P/S: A few of the photos is the credit to my sister.

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