[Travel] Joyful Trip to Japan in Autumn, 2016 (Day 6)

by - Friday, January 27, 2017

Let's begin my travelogue episode 6 (09 November 2016 – Wednesday) about my trip to Japan with my sister. On this day, we're moving again from Kyoto to Tokyo but I can say it's last we move with luggage. It's so tired carry luggage on the long journey. Actually, I have been going to Tokyo, Japan before this. The first time, I went to Tokyo, Japan because I was attending the YG Family Concert in Tokyo Dome in May 2014.

On the early morning, we take light breakfast and check-out from Piece Hostel Kyoto. We purchase the Shinkansen Train (Bullet Train) ticket at the Shinkansen counter on that day. It's easy. 

Just ask the staff at the counter that we want to buy the ticket on that day with selected time from Kyoto Station to Tokyo Station. They will ask about the reserved seating so we decide to take reversed seating. The price is JPY 13,070 per person. 

The journey is taken around 2 hours 30 minutes. I saw a lot of Japanese people are using Shinkansen Train on every day even the price is quite expensive to us. Maybe it's more convenient and comfortable for the customers using Shinkansen Train. I also like to ride the Shinkansen Train, the first time in my life.

We can use the Shinkansen ticket until Ueno Station but we have to get out from the train at Tokyo Station then transfer to JR Line to go the Ueno Station. We're staying at Khaosan Tokyo Laboratory Hostel that located nearby at Tawaramachi Station. So when we arrive at Ueno Station, we take chance to shopping at Hard Rock Café Ueno Tokyo – since my sister is a fan of Hark Rock café. Everywhere she goes around the world, for sure she will buy something at the Hard Rock café. 

After shopping in Hard Rock café Ueno, we're check-in room at Khaosan Tokyo Laboratory Hostel. We decide to stay at Khaosan Tokyo Laboratory Hostel because it's nearby the subway station and the most important – it's also near with Narita International Airport – since our flight from Tokyo, Japan to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on the early morning. I like this hostel, their staff is friendly and helpful. 

The first destination in Tokyo, Japan is Shinjuku. The Shinjuku is one of the famous shopping areas in Tokyo, Japan. Again, it's our funny moments. Actually, we just went to Shinjuku on this day because we want to buy the 2 Days Hakone Pass and also Romance Train to Mountain Fuji at the Odakyu Counter Shinjuku Office.

Then, we take our late lunch again at the Yoshiya Shinjukuten Restaurant – that located at the Shinjuku Metro Food Street, direct from Shinjuku Station West Exit. They are served Halal Menu to the Muslim customers. We've chosen the Tempura set meal. The price is JPY 1,580 per set. It's delicious. 

After late lunch, we're going to Gingko Avenue in Meiji Jingu Gaien Park. Again~ we're late. It's already dark when we arrive at Gingko Avenue so we can't take the beautiful view of Gingko Line Street. This street is famous during the autumn season.

For healing our feeling, we're going to shopping at Harajuku. As you know, this area is quite famous for trending style and brand in Tokyo, Japan. We also pass by at Tokyu Plaza Omotesando Harajuku. We like this unique building. 

Then we take rest at L'occitance Café Shibuya since the weather is windy and cold for us. A lot of people were recommended this place when you arrive at Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan. I take this chance to visit this café and try some of their famous desserts. 

This café just located at the first and second floor of the L'occitance Shop Shibuya. We would love to try the Crème Brûlée and some of the hot herbs tea drink at this café. I think I love the Crème Brûlée. It's perfect to me. The price is JPY 1,690.

We have a great time at L'occitance Shop Shibuya. I think I will hang out again at L'occitance Shop Shibuya when I back again to Tokyo, Japan. When? I'm not sure but I'm sure next times I will take my Mama go to Japan soon.

We spend a time at Shibuya before we back to the hostel for rest. On next day, we will back to childhood memories and we're excited about it.

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P/S: A few of the photos is the credit to my sister.

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