[Journal] Grateful & Thank You So Much for Make My Day Wonderful

by - Tuesday, February 05, 2019

In this post, I'm personally wanted to say THANK YOU so much for all of you, who are wishes to me "Happy Birthday" on 25 January 2019 (Friday). I'd take time for almost 1 week, just to write this post. I'm feeling grateful to be a daughter in the wonderful family and also round the great friends. I'm happy to read all of your wishes and received the birthday's gifts from my mama, aunty, and friends. I love all of the gifts. 

Even this is the third years I was celebrated my birthday without my late dad but I thankful that I still have my lovely Mama, who always beside me and patients on me. I always miss my late dad and I also never forget to pray for him. Sometimes when I have a hard time moments, my late dad always gets into my dream – he always takes me traveling in the dream and it is making me happy when I wake up on the next day. That makes me feel my late dad always beside me at all times. 

This year, my mom gives me a crazy birthday's gift, which is a winter birthday holiday to Seoul, Korea. If you follow me on my Instagram @nina_enany – you will know that I'm just back from my holiday with my mom. That is my first time celebrating my birthday in Seoul, Korea even it's my seven-time going there. Not surprised, right? On this winter birthday holiday to Seoul, Korea – I got chance to experience the Business Class by Malaysia Airlines from Incheon International Airport to KLIA. That really the BEST memories of my life. Thanks, Mama for a great birthday's gift this year. You are the BEST MAMA EVER! LUV U SO MUCH!!!

I'm also bought my own birthday gift, which is iPhone Xs Max with Gold color (256 GB), together with Apple AirPods. Actually, I bought this new iPhone Xs Max on mid-November 2018 using my saving money. I love it so much, but I still use my iPhone 6 meanwhile I already upgrade my iPhone. I do shopping the new casing of iPhone Xs Max and Airpod during my winter birthday holiday last January 2019. I love all the new casing of iPhone Xs Max and AirPods that I was bought at Seoul, Korea. I just start using the Airpod casing only and I look it has become the trend at Seoul, Korea – when most of the young generation are love using AirPods and iPhone X or iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max. It's easy to look at these scenes, especially in the subway. 

I do also make an experiment during my holiday to Seoul, Korea. I want to test the weather sealing of this iPhone Xs Max during the winter season and I admit it that my phone working well even in cold weather (like the lower temperature around -8 on that time). The camera is really great and awesome. Most of my photos are working well and great to me and most of the time, I just use the iPhone Xs Max during the winter birthday holiday to Seoul, Korea. I'm not using the Fujifilm X-T10 camera even I bring that camera too, I just lazy to carry the camera since outside along the Seoul City is super cold to me. I just want to be simple since it's 7 times I have been a holiday in Seoul, Korea. Hihihi~ 

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