[Beauty] Mamonde Petal Spa Oil to Foam

by - Monday, February 18, 2019

On early July 2018, I was bought a lot of the Mamonde's products from Hermo website. In this time, I would like to make the small review about the Mamonde Petal Spa Oil to Foam (175ml) with the normal price is RM 56.00. 

An oil cleansing foam for quick and easy cleansing that gently dissolves makeup with oil and foams a rich lather with water. The product features are oil dissolves makeup gently, transforming gel cleanser with water-activated foam, and in the case of base makeup, single-cleansing with this cleanser is enough. The product benefits are a water-soluble moisturizing ingredient (polyol), which is great for removing base makeup and keeping the skin dewy (skincare effect); great cleansing power and gentle lather in one go; convenient double cleansing effect; and 2-in1 effect of oil and foam. 

So far, I like this product. It gives the same effect as another product I have been used it before. The smell is really good with rose. It really cleanses the skin well, like double action removing both makeup and dirty. I would like to give the 4 stars out of the 5 stars to this product.

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  1. The product sounds lovely. I haven't tried anything from Mamonde, though. Do you recommend this for oily skin gal? Hehe! Great review, btw xx

    lenne | blog

    1. Thanks, Lenna for visiting my blog & write a comment on this blog. For your question, I think this product is good for oily skin type too but I do recommended to you to do the double cleansing as a evening routine on everyday. This cleanser is oily to foam type but for my personal opinion, it's more like oily type cleanser so it's better to do the double cleansing as using this product as the first cleanser then wash again your face with the foam cleanser as the second cleanser. It's for make your face clean from any left dirty of the first wash. I hope it's helpful to you.