[Beauty] IOPE Live Lift Serum Agave Fructan

by - Friday, February 15, 2019

Honestly, I know the brand of IOPE but I never try any of the product from the brand IOPE. I bought the IOPE Live Lift Serum Agave Fructan (40ml) during my holiday in Seoul, Korea last November 2017. I bought it at Olive and Young Store Myeongdong. At that moment, they have the promo and I feel it interesting about this brand. I forget the price of this product.

The IOPE Live Lift Serum is anti-aging firming serum that creates even tighter and smoother skin. It is designed especially for the ribbon zone. The ribbon zone is the area from the under-eye line down to the cheeks all the way to the jawline. The special formula was designed with agave, a desert plant that retains moisture and always stays tightly firm. The IOPE Live Lift Serum a highly concentrated, potent serum that visibly improves skin's elasticity and forms a layered skin with a visibly tightening formula for smoother skin. 

The texture of this serum is a bouncy formula that delivers effective ingredients deep inside the skin with a silky smooth finish that envelops the skin. It is easy to use it. During the serum stage, pump the product 1 – 2 times and spread over your entire face and let it absorb before the next step. I have been using this product within 2 weeks and I can see my skin look better slowly. I like this product even the result I can't see immediate change but I like the way my skin looks better than before. I would like to give 4.2 stars out of 5 stars to this product.

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