[Beauty] Heimish Exclusive Pink Box

by - Monday, May 07, 2018

On last year, I got to notice the Heimish Exclusive Pink Box in the Hermo's website. This special gift set is a great deal for holiday seasons. The price is RM 108.49 (after discount) [original price RM 218.90, include GST]. I'm surprised when I open the box; it's consisting 3 products of full size; which are Heimish All Clean Balm (120ml), Heimish Refresh Water (365 ml), and Heimish All Clean White Clay Foam (150 g).  

Before this, I already make a review about the Heimish All Clean Balm (120ml). So what's can I say, this product work is amazing and my view after using this product is same like before. But before I forget, the packaging of the Heimish All Clean Balm is upgraded a little bit. What am I mean the way to open this product is easier rather than the previous packaging; which is I just flip-off the cap to open. The previous packaging of the Heimish All Clean Balm, I have to twist-off the cap. It's overall the packaging is still same as the previous; which is comes with an included spatula that's hidden under the flip-off cap. 

Then, I have been trying the Heimish Refresh Water (365 ml). The Heimish Refresh Water of the main ingredients is the protease, AHA, BHA, which is good for maximum skin exfoliation and moisturizing. It also has Keratin care ingredients which help to keep our skin firm and form a protection layer to retain healthy skin. The 20 activate natural ingredients that amazingly soothe and balance facial skin while providing it with moisture. The Moringa seed extract, sunflower seed oil, centipede extract; that will protect your skin from the harmful environment. 

The Heimish Refresh Water works not only as the toner but cleanse the makeup as well. Even I did the double cleansing steps in the evening, maybe there is still have some makeup left. I like the ways Heimish Refresh Waterworks. It helps us cleans all the remaining dirt and also old keratin from our skin. I like the scent of Heimish Refresh Water, for me its smell like lemongrass and it gives me the fresh scent after I apply it on my skin. Maybe it's quite difficult for some people is sensitive to the strong scents or hate the scents like herbs. 

Lastly, I would like to share about the Heimish All Clean White Clay Foam (150 g). The Heimish All Clean White Clay Foam is such as deep cleansing. It contains amazon white clay to draw out excess oils and impurities as well as hyaluronic acid, coconut and citrus herd oils. The latter is work to balance the skin by nourishing and conditioning. It emerges from the tube as grayish thick clay. Its formulation is like a clay mask. However, when massaged between the palms with a little water, it lathers into this beautifully rich and creamy consistency. It can then be massaged on the skin and ends feeling like a soothing cream cleanser. Splashes of water wash this off easily. 

Actually, I like to use this as evening cleansing after I do remove all my makeup by using the Heimish All Clean Balm on daily basis. It looks me always practice to do the double cleansing on the evening for remove all makeup and dirt on my face. My skin doesn't feel bone dry or stripped or raw after using this. It's perfect for my skin type of combination and oily skin type. In fact, the cleanser feels quite soothing and refreshing on my skin. But I not really recommend this product for who had the dry and mature skin type to use it on daily basis. Maybe you can use it on twice a week. However, it is listed as paraben free, suitable for all skin types and hypoallergenic. 

That's all my review about the Heimish Exclusive Pink Box; which are consists of Heimish All Clean Balm (120ml), Heimish Refresh Water (365 ml), and Heimish All Clean White Clay Foam (150 g). I would like to give the 4.5 stars out of 5 stars for all these products after me using around 2 weeks before I write the review about it. This is my honest review and maybe some people had the different experience than me. 

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