[Travel] #CaféSeries 9 – Aewol Monsant Café Jeju Island (몽상드 카페)

by - Monday, January 15, 2018

One of the famous café in Jeju Island is Aewol Monsant Café. I'm pretty sure; you know who the owner of this café, right? Oh yes, the owner of the Aewol Monsant Café is Kwon Jiyong a.k.a G-Dragon (Big Bang). It really makes my dream come true when I get chance to visit this café. 

The Monsant Café (몽상드 카페) is located in Aewol area; which is this café just beside the beautiful beach and ocean. The view of beach and ocean was wonderful and its look like the perfect place to hang out with your lover or friends and family. At the same time drinks your favorite coffee from Monsant Café. The operation hours are from 09:00 am until 19:00 pm on every day. 

The architecture looks simple but it's unique and elegant for me, even I not really art person but I like this architecture. Impressive. This café's building was cover with a lot of glasses when you looking from outside and I'm pretty sure it's easy to recognize this café from the first place you look it. 

Another tip, the visitors of this café is not kidding guys so you will know who this café is belonging after you see many visitors take pictures from the outside of this café. Even when I going inside of this café also full sitting, it's hard to sitting inside especially you go there during peak hours like me do. 

The menu consists of different beverages, cookies, cakes, and even pizza and salad. Of course the café's especially is coffee. I'm ordering the Café Mocha (KRW 6,500 – RM 24.70) and Monsant Chocolate (KRW 6,500 – RM 24.70). The taste is delicious and rich with the flavor of coffee with milk and chocolate for Café Mocha and my drink is the taste of rich in dark chocolate. I like it so much. The cup cover is not kidding guy; it's unique like GD. It looks like kind of velvet. 

As you know, the interior of this café is the sleek and simple exterior complement the rustic/industrial interior with some of it by G-Dragon personal touch. Most of the art interior in this café is personal art collection of him so you can look close his art collection in this café. 

Never miss visiting this café when traveling to Jeju Island. Even soon G-Dragon will open another café at the Jeju Shinwa Resort. I hope I can go there soon after his café was open and at the same time, I can visit YG Town too in the same area. Before I forget, I had heard some news that this café does not belong to G-Dragon anymore but I didn't know the truth about this news.

Address: Jeju-si, Aewol-eup, Aewol-ri 2546 (제주특별자치도 제주시 애월읍 애월리 2546).

Direction: [Bus] Bus No. 702 (towards Gosan). After about 47 minutes, get off at the bus stop called Han Dam Dong (한담동). Walk about 5 minutes. It is right behind Bomnal Café (where is Warm & Cozy was filmed). I would like to recommend to you to take a taxi to go there. It's more convenient. 

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