[Travel] #ThrowBack Seoul, Korea 2015!

by - Thursday, December 03, 2015

Just I want to call back my memories of the date travel to Seoul, Korea in this year before I forget. 5 times, I was travel to Korea – just in one passport. I get experience in many things includes the experience out of my mind that I never imagine. It's sound crazy but it's super fun to me.

The first trips' to Seoul, Korea is on 21 – 28 April 2015; with my friends. Of course, right? This trip is with 3 persons. I almost become like a tour guide to my officemate. Since, it's her first time went to Seoul as free and easy so I take her to visit many places that her not get a chance to visit when the first time she goes to Korea by tour agent. On this time too, I get the chance to go one of place that I never been in my life, even honestly I can't ever go there. But I break it and enjoy it with someone is nice to me. I feel awesome and I miss those moments in my life. I wish I can stop the time on those moments.

Here, the blog posting I have been updated before:

The second trips' to Seoul, Korea is on 16 – 23 August 2015 with my friend. This time, we went there just to cover many new places. It's tired, but I was covering many experiences with great memories in my mind. get the chance to visit 2015 PeaceMinusOne Exhibition and I  also get the chance to visit 2015 Esprit Dior Exhibition in Seoul, Korea too. Just one step I close to the fashion world.  The first time, I can watch HIP HOP concert too. I like to try new adventure as much I could in my life.

Here, the blog posting I have been updated before:

Even though, I seem to like many times were gone to Korea but I still want to visit Korea soon. I want to explore many places with the different experience. I just think that, did I should back again on next year to Korea? Most of it, I enjoy so much in shopping at there.

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