[Beauty] Beauty Metal Cushion Foundation by VDL

by - Friday, December 11, 2015

Did anyone similar with the name of Metal Cushion Foundation by VDL? Metal Cushion Foundation by VDL is most popular products of VDL and I fell in love upon of my first application. This product have 4 color tones, which is Bright Milky Beige (M101), Apricot Beige with Pink (Match to #21 Shade) (A201), Natural Ivory Beige (For Redness Cover) (Match to #21 Shade) (A203), and Healthy Vanilla Beige (Match to #23 Shade) (A205). The right color tone on my skin I choose is A205. A205 is a neutral tone, under different lighting it may lean more yellow or pink but the true undertone is in between. 

The texture is semi-matte, but it's not felt oily on the skin either it's no dry too. The formula is thin but not thick to me. The coverage helps to cover redness, small blemishes and pigmentation marks but for bigger blemishes a second light later is recommended. It also does not enhance the look of pores and actually helps minimize the appearance of your pores. The foundation definitely helps in brightening up the skin tone and during the long hours of wear the foundation did not darken or oxidize. Sometimes when I feel my skin dry, I will put some of moisturiser cream on the metal cushion foundation and mix it together before apply on my skin for my skin look moisturiser after that. I absolutely love this foundation because it's light on the skin and having the proper coverage without the heaviness of a medium coverage foundation.

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