[Journal] Life is Beautiful, but sometimes Life is Tough too.

by - Tuesday, December 01, 2015

On last month, I got an e-mail from my blog reader in Terengganu, Malaysia. I was feeling happy when I received an e-mail. Its give me the great support and positive thinking after she reading my blog. In her e-mail, she was written about wonderful of my life stories. She so jealous what's going through of my life; which is lucky I am, when I can travelling as much I am on every year. 

Yes, everything I was written in my blog is about my awesome and amazing memories that I don't want to forget and I just want to share it to everyone. But the behind of all this great memories, you don't know how tough of this life I've to being through on all the times. 

How many the part time jobs I've to do, on the last 3 months ago? Just to cover the debt on behalf; and at the same time, to achieve what's I dream in my life. I need to work super hard because I know everything is not easy to get what we dream off. Everything has to work hard from the started, and the end of the result it's going wonderfully that you never think of it in your life. That is what's I believe in my life. Never try to take advance from other people just for your good only.

Like my mom said it to me, everything we do in here is temporary. So what's we do even it's good or bad, it's can see the result by the end. "Everything is cash." If you do badly to someone, someday you're got the bad thing happen to your life. If you do the good thing to someone, someday you're also will get the good things happen to your life. Maybe it's wonderful that you never imagine it before.

The advice, I always remember in my life. Its give me the guide before I do anything to my life. I know what my mom has said it is its true. I've been experiencing it before so I believe it until today.

Of course, I'm so happy when I've received as much e-mail from my blog readers because by that way I know I was got GREAT support, after my families and close friends. If anyone wants to ask me some questions about travelling or anything else, just drop me an e-mail. For sure, I'll reply all the e-mails as soon as possible.

Now, I already start the plan of my BIG PROJECT, that why I quite busy with it and some of another project. I target maybe on the year of 2017, it's will be published soon. Just I hope everything will be fine until the end of my BIG PROJECT.

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