[Travel] It’s Hard to Travel as Free and Easy?~

by - Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Free and easy traveler?

“Hmm ~ those sound difficult to me. I think I can’t do that.”
“Better, I using travel agent for my vacation.”

That most the dialog by using from people I was meets before. 
Some of them can’t believe that of some my vacation was free and easy traveler. I not said it’s bad using the travel agent’s service for your holiday. Maybe some place or country you should use the travel agent’s service for your holiday.

Like I do before this, during some of my holiday - I was using travel agent’s service for travel to China, Hong Kong and Korea (in first time). Now, when I want to go Korea – I will go there as free and easy traveler, because I already know how to go there mostly by subway. What can I said? South Korea is like my second hometown so I will go there every year when I got chance to do that. Hihihi~

I know some of you not have confident to travel as free and easy, especially holiday at oversea. Why not you try once in your life, I sure it’ll be more fun and enjoy. 

Let me tell about some of my experience as free and easy traveler.

Honestly, your holiday will be more fun and enjoy when you got friends that have same crazy mind with you, even not have same personalities. Like me and my BEST buddy, we are not having same personalities but we are having same crazy mind and interests, especially when it’s was related with YG Entertainment. Hahaha~

When you want to go holiday as free and easy traveler – you have to do everything by yourself from booking flight ticket, hotel or guesthouse, and more. Google will be your best place to search everything that you looking for your holiday. If you not really sure about some places or anything, you may take sometime to read some blog about their vacation on the place that you want to go as vacation. When you have some questions, you also can ask the blogger about it. I sure they will answer it.

That is what I do when I and my BEST buddy was confirm vacation at Tokyo, Japan. I try taking time for reading some post on blog about their vacation, and then when I have some question, I try to ask them by email and they reply my email.

Planning vacation as free and easy is the good chance to you for explore some places that you want to go and you also can manage you own schedule vacation without other people involve it but expect for the people of you go with. Hihihi~

At the same time, you can manage your own budget too. Actually, I just start traveling as free and easy on last year with my BEST buddy. The countries that I was travel as free and easy are travel to Korea (in second times), Singapore, and Tokyo, Japan.

I was going to Singapore in 2 days 1 night, just travel for play at Universal Studio Singapore with my high school friends. But that not really be my real travel as free and easy in my life because it’s so near in Malaysia and my sister was living in Singapore. 

Here, my link holiday at Singapore click here

Actually, I was starting to take big move to travel as free and easy on the year 2013 with my BEST buddy. We go travel together to Seoul, Korea in summer for watching G-Dragon Concert the Final in Seoul.

Even though, this holiday not really take long days at Seoul, Korea but I so enjoy and fun. I also get unexpected experience during this vacation with her. What can I said, crazier I was thinking, more crazy I will get for my new experience. 

Some people will say the unexpected situation that you really want to do is lucky situation too. Hihihi~ That is my first time gets new experience watching concert at Seoul, Korea. After that, I like to watch Korea concert in oversea rather in my country. Even some rule is almost same but the feeling is different. I don’t know how to describe the feeling; you have feeling by your own to know what I mean to said about it.

My friend was so friendly and easy-going person; plus she can accept my crazy mind. Sometimes we need to hear and compromise to each other so our holiday will be fun and enjoy. Maybe we are matching each other, even not same personalities. Hahaha~ I sure maybe some of you already ready my blog before this about this post. For new blog readers, here the link about my second vacation at Seoul, Korea click here

Our crazy mind not ended yet.. We continue it with our trip to Tokyo, Japan on May, 2014. This time, we got chance to watching YG Family Power Live in Tokyo, Japan. We also get to manage for watching Hello Winner Fan Meeting at Zepp Tokyo. It’s so fun when we got chance to do what we LOVE.

We explore the great experience as stylish backpacker in Fashion City at Tokyo, Japan. We also were visiting so many places at Tokyo after watching concert and fan meeting event. New experience to us even we not actually know to specking in Japanese. Hahaha~

Here, the link about my trip at Tokyo, Japan click here

I know, I not really expert in traveler as free and easy but it’s my experience as free and easy traveler with my BEST buddy. If anyone wants to ask about free and easy travelers or planning vacation as free and easy travelers, I will help you guys. Just drop me the email and I will reply it as soon as possible. (^_^)

Soon~ we will go travel together again. This time also we will go vacation as free and easy stylish travelers. Hahaha~ Stay Tune!! I will update the latest vacation in my blog.. Hihihi~

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