[Journal] 20 Facts About Me!!!

by - Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Just play for fun because it’s sound fun to me.
This morning, one of my friend was tag me to do the 20 facts games at my instagram @enany22. Then, I willing to play this games.. Here, the 20 facts about me:

1. Enany aka NinaNeulrin
2. Birth on the year 1988
3. Like to thinking memories
4. Love in writing
5. Willing to share the great memories on my blog www.nina-neulrin.blogspot.com for who have same interest with me
6. Love to traveling around the world
7. South Korea like second hometown for me
8. Love in fashion’s world
9. Like to stay at home too
10. Like foods, especially fruits
11. Like chocolate
12. Like color of pink, gold, and sliver
13. Like spring & autumn
14. Love Music
15. Like Art and Photograph
16. Like to do crazy things, especially when it related with YGE
17. Love YGE!! Yes! I’m VIP & Inner Circle
18. Quiet people if you don’t know me
19. Talkative people after you know me
20. A Dreamer~ most wonderful dreams might actually come true

That all the 20 facts about me.. Hihihi

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